You Will Always Have A Small Place In My Heart

There is that small room in my heart I rarely visit. That room is very remote, somewhere way back. But,


Don’t Put Your Life On Hold Because You Are Waiting For Love

There’s nothing wrong with believing in love and waiting for love to enter your life. But you have to keep


9 Tough Lessons You Should Learn Before Finding The Love You Deserve

1. Listen to what he says – don’t come to your own conclusions. Guys are usually pretty literal when it


Don’t Worry, My Heart Is All Yours

I know you are scared too, even though it’s not a manly thing to say so. But you are. Men


5 Phases Everyone Goes Through After A Break-Up

I know it feels like you are never going to let go of the love that is left after a


Meeting My Soulmate Wasn’t At All Like I Expected

I thought when I finally meet the one, the timing would be perfect. I will be at my best. I


Don’t Waste Your Time On Someone Who Is Not Sure About You

Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t make time for you. No matter how busy he is, no matter


You Don’t Miss Him – You Miss The Feeling Of Being In Love

Sometimes we are more hooked on the feeling of being in love than on a person. It happens more often


You Were Never My Forever Person, You Were A Lesson I Had To Learn

It sounds funny now that I am so over you that I ever actually thought that I would never get


4 Signs You Are With A Toxic Man And How To Deal With Him

1. He is a master of manipulation. If you constantly have the feeling that you are the only one investing


Be The Type Of Woman Who Knows When To Walk Away

Sometimes we don’t even know how deeply we are intertwined with somebody until we try to walk away. We always


7 Things That Define A Tough Girl

1. She melts only in the right hands. She is willing to wait for the right guy as long as

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