14 Most Unromantic Signs You’ve Found The One

1. You can be weird together. You can talk about anything without feeling embarrassed. You are not afraid that he


You Are A Fool For Letting Her Slip Away

She loved you for who you are, not for who she expected you to be. She never wanted to change


Why Girls With Big Hearts And Sarcastic Minds Are Every Guy’s Dream

  Being fluent in sarcasm is something a person is born with. The supreme sense of smartass comebacks and quick


Say Hello To The New Chapter Of Your Life

I feel like I have never been much of a writer when it comes to my own life’s book. I


Be The Next Person Who Loves Me, Be The Right Person For Me

Dear Future Boyfriend, I just want to let you know that I am here waiting for you. I am big


An Open Letter To My BFF (Please Don’t Go Back To Him)

Dear Bestie, You’re my soulmate. You’re my person to lean on. You’re my person to go to, and I am


My Head Says Let Him Go But My Heart Isn’t Listening

You would let me go. And as soon as I would even think of doing the same, you would come


10 Reasons Why You Need A Brutally Honest Friend In Your Life

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” (John Lennon)


16 Things Each and Every Overthinker Will Understand

If you often jump to conclusions and worry a lot, you might be the part of Overthinker generation. Don’t worry


I Might Miss You Terribly But That Doesn’t Mean I Want You Back

  “One day you will miss me like I missed you. One day you will search for me like I


You Deserve Way More Than a Passionless Relationship

  “Do it with passion or not at all!”  ( Rosa Nouchette Carey)   This goes for all things in

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