I’m in my 20s and I feel like I’ve been dating since ever. But, I really need to know what the hell is wrong with me—why do I always go after the wrong guys? I’ve been hurt so many times, and now I think I’ll never learn my damn lesson. Or will I?

If you are just like me, looking for your Prince Charming, but ending up with frog after frog, I bring you possible reasons we keep falling for the wrong guys.


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Women like projects.

We just love guys with super long lists of issues, and we are convinced that we’re just the solutions they need to transform themselves into perfect guys. For example, if he drinks and smokes, we’re positive he’s going to quit alcohol and smoking for us.

What do we think when we get a guy who is emotionally unavailable? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, that’s what we think. Eventually, we end up disappointed and we feel like failures.

Sometimes, we childishly fall for bad boys while good guys wait in the friendzone. Men shouldn’t be our projects. If his momma couldn’t raise him properly, why do you think you can? We should look for a final product—Mr. Nice Guy who will treat us with respect.

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We just don’t want to be single.

All of your friends are in relationships or getting married, and you hate your third wheel status. So, you just run into anyone’s arms. When I say ‘anyone’s’, I mean this rude but super hot bad boy who pretends you’re special to him. Wake up, girl! He texted at least ten other girls with the same words.

Being single should stop being such a disgusting idea ASAP! There are so many better things you can do instead of chasing the wrong guy.

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We ignore the signs that tell us he’s not a good guy.

Once we’re head over heels in love, we don’t want to see all the nasty things he does. Perhaps he lies, manipulates, or he is overly jealous. We will try to justify all of that and win his heart anyway.


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Our friends try to warn us about this bad guy, but we don’t want to believe them. It’s just like that—we’re blinded by love. Usually, it takes time until a wrong guy falls from grace, and then we can finally see what a sucker he is. Anyway, better late than never, right?


We run away from commitment.

We’re complicated. We believe we know what we think and feel, but truth be told, we’re not aware of deep issues we have within ourselves. Maybe we’re afraid of commitment because of our ugly experiences with men. And, oh my God, what irony! We chicken out and run away from possible good relationships with good guys just to end up with another Mr. Wrong.

Give Mr. Nice Guy a chance!


We sometimes settle for less because we think we don’t deserve better.

It’s time for us to get up and demand what’s best for us. We’re so freaking lazy sometimes. This quest for the one can be so exhausting and we need to invest a lot of energy. Sometimes, we’re just so tired of everything. Trust me, I know.

I dare you, and myself, not to give up. I truly hope our perfect guys weren’t hit by trucks or something.

I don’t want this to sound cheesy, but I think I kissed enough frogs; I’m ready for my Prince Charming.