It breaks my heart to say it, but thank you.

It breaks my heart to admit that my life is so much better without you in it.

I look at my friends. I look at the people around me. I look at the happy faces of the children who grew up in loving homes with their mom and dad by their sides.

It breaks my heart to say it, but I was happy even when you left.

Thank you for leaving me when I didn’t have a clue.

Thank you for sparing me the screaming and the fights you had with my mom.

Thank you for showing me you love me enough to go away.

Thank you for leaving me with the bravest woman I know.

Thank you for giving me a childhood I would never have had with you by our side.

Thank you for leaving while I was a baby. Thank you for sparing me the pain of watching you leave.

Thank you for not giving me a chance to get to know you, to love you. Thank you for being a complete stranger—a man my mom fell in and out of love with.

Thank you for giving her the biggest present she ever got—me.

Thank you for leaving when you did.

When I was just a kid, I couldn’t understand why all the other kids had dads, and I had never met mine. It was a time in my life when I was angry with you, when I couldn’t understand how could you just pack your things and go.

I couldn’t understand how could you look me in the eyes and feel nothing? How could you surrender and leave us?

I resented you. I was disappointed and hurt.

I felt like something is missing from my life. I felt I was cheated. I was left short. But dad, then I grew up. Then I realized that you had nothing to do with creating the person I am today.

Then, I realized that I shouldn’t have been sad that I don’t have you. I should have been happy that I have her.

She was everything I ever needed. She was my rock. She was my friend, my mom and my dad. She was everything everyone could ever wish for.

Thank you for leaving me with the greatest person alive. Thank you for giving her the chance to turn me into the person I am today. You could never have done the job better than her.

You have nothing to do with what I’ve become. Thank you for that because I love who I am, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I felt like shit so many times in my life. When I started school, you weren’t there. When I started dancing and won medals, I couldn’t share them with you. When I went on my first date, you weren’t there to scare him to keep me safe.

In the most important times of my growing up, you weren’t there. I was so angry. I was so sad. I couldn’t understand why you didn’t want to speak to me. I couldn’t understand how you never were curious of what I look like. Do I look like you? Have I grown into a beautiful girl?

I felt I was unworthy of your attention. I felt so bad about myself.

But dad, I’m not worthless. I’m a part of you. You created me. And even if you’re unhappy about yourself, know that out there somewhere, there is a part of you still living. There is a part of you happy and proud to be what she is.

You’ve missed so much. You don’t know even who I really am. You don’t know if I have a lot of friends or what I like and don’t like.

You don’t know what college I go to.

Well dad, let us introduce ourselves.

I’m your daughter, the one you left when she was just a baby. The one you never bothered to call or see. The one who doesn’t know whether you’re alive or not.

I’m the one that is writing a letter to a complete stranger saying thank you. Thank you for the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life.

You didn’t want to contact me all these years. You didn’t want to get to know me. You won’t do that ever. I’m going to live my life. I’m going to graduate, get a job. I’m going to walk down the aisle, have your grandchildren and finally die a happy women never meeting you.

I will follow my dreams because I have the best rock there is. I have the best support any child can dream of. I have my mom. Thank you for leaving her in time. Thank you for not destroying her like you destroyed everything else.

Thank you for at least giving me her. That is the best gift you could have ever left me. Leaving us was the greatest deed you’ve ever done.

Wherever you and whoever you are, I hope you’ll read this letter. I hope you’ll realize that out there, somewhere, there is a part of you. I hope you can realize that you could have a daughter. You could have seen the most beautiful smile any parent sees.

But, you chose not to.

There you go, you’ve met me now. You’ve read my deepest thoughts, and you’ve felt my most vulnerable side.

Don’t feel sad. Don’t feel guilty because I’m happy. I don’t need you. I’m just wondering why you chose to miss out on everything?

To The Dad Who Left Me…