It’s been another tiring day at work. You are happy to finally be at home because you want a hot bath and a good rest.

But there is a problem.

You haven’t seen your girlfriends in a while. The last time you promised to hang out with them, something came up, and you couldn’t make it.

So, you call them and arrange a meeting.

You girls meet up and start catching up. Everyone is having a good time, and everything seems to be great.

You mention that you’ve been busy lately and that everything has been going well for you. All of a sudden, they start acting differently. They are telling you that you are self-centered and that the bags under your eyes look terrible due to hard work. They start putting you down with hurtful comments. You start being mistreated and all the jokes are on you.

What has just happened?

Are they serious?

What is their problem?

These are the questions you may ask yourself.

There is a huge difference between joking around with your friends from time to time and being mean and rude to them. If these putdowns occur on a daily basis and if they outnumber the positive words of encouragement that they give you, then there is a high chance they are doing it on purpose. They mask themselves as your friends, and they are feeding off your pain. Their only goal is to make you feel sad and miserable.

So, why are your friends making you sad deliberately?

Honestly speaking, they were never your friends in the first place.

If you meet these kinds of friends, you should be nice and friendly, but you should never seek them out to spend time together.

It is perfectly okay to walk away from things that are bad and from people who are bad.  

It is perfectly okay to be kind to yourself and not feel guilty for doing what’s best for you.

The sooner you leave fake friends, the sooner you will make friends with people who will actually care about you.

Always remember that misery loves company. The last thing you need in life is a bunch of friends who want you to be as miserable as them.