While I was organizing my room yesterday, I found an old photo album. So many memories of my best friend came back to me while I was looking at it. In one photo, we are celebrating her 8th birthday and in another, we are in Spain dancing.

Guys are important in high school but not nearly important as your friends. How is it possible that the person who was one of the most important in your life has become a stranger? At some point, she didn’t care at all if she was going to hurt me with her actions. What led us to that?

We were best friends since primary school, and together we experienced so many good and bad things that I cannot even count them. When high school came, we become inseparable. We went out together, studied together, laughed and cried.

Some people even asked us if we were sisters, and I always thought that she would be my maid of honor one day.

But then we went to college, and suddenly, everything changed. She became friends with a girl from her college who really liked to party. So, they started going out all the time. She always called me, so I went with them often.

I wanted to be part of her life and hang out with her new friends, but the only thing they were doing was drinking alcohol and hitting on guys, and some of them were even married.

She didn’t care at all. I tried to talk to her so many times to try to find out the reason why was she behaving like that. She told me that I was jealous because she was having fun and having all the guys she wanted.

After the first semester, she quit college because she spent all the money from her scholarship on partying. That was the saddest year of my life. I lost my best friend and for what? Parties and alcohol? That was a long time ago, and I never found out why. She moved, and I haven’t seen her for years.

I learned that a friendship which starts in childhood will probably end at some point. While we were kids and even teens, we were mostly doing the things our parents told us.

What Have I Learned From My “Best Friend”?

We were not formed people, so the moment we started making our own choices, I realized that we chose different things. I realized that even though we were as close as sisters, over time, we have developed different views and wishes for our lives.

Sometimes, growing up means that we must go in our direction. Friends are very important in our lives, but we need to decide for ourselves what we want. I am glad today that I chose to walk away because I needed to put myself and my wishes first, just like she did.

Back in those days, I was sad and angry at myself for doing that. I missed her, and what hurt me the most was the thought that she didn’t miss me at all.

It seems to me that this is the age in which people decide to end their friendships because during the past few years, I have met a lot of girls who have experienced similar stories.

Probably it is because in those younger years, we were still discovering who we were, and we had to make tough choices for the first time. Ending my high school friendship was the hardest goodbye in my life. But if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have learned all these things that I know today.

I sometimes think that she wanted to end that friendship, but she didn`’ know how to tell me, so she started behaving like a completely different person. Maybe she wanted a fresh start—I don`t know.

What I do know now is friends are treasures in our lives, but we must remain number one. You just never know what life will bring. Today, I have four, very close friends and I am very happy to have them in my life.

Lessons I learned from my high school friendship helped me realize what kind of people I want to have around me. Today, I know which mistakes I won’t make and which things I won’t let myself do. My friends today are with me at every moment, and I owe them so much for the person I am today.