Giving up was always the easiest choice, I’ll admit that, but truth be told I was never much of a quitter.

I was one of those stubborn girls who always went with her gut and did the opposite of what I was told. This time, too, I listened to my gut and I have to say I don’t regret it.

I have never taken the same path as others in life. I always trusted my faith and I always did what my heart told me.

Regardless of how many times it led me to the wrong path, it’d always turn out to be the path I needed to take.

The same happened when encountering a broken man in my life.

When I first met my man I could see he was not into relationships or anything serious. He wasn’t a bad boy or anything like that, he was just emotionally unavailable.

He had this attitude visible from a mile away and something in me screamed ‘this is your guy’. It made no sense because he was obviously guarding his heart, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me.

As I already told you, I have never taken the same road as other people, and I have never backed down from a challenge.

Plenty of people would’ve given up before even trying. Plenty also told me not to bother because it would be a waste of my time.

They said that if they were in my shoes they wouldn’t even think of having anything to do with such a man. But they were never in my shoes.

That’s why they couldn’t understand why I did the things I did or why I tried so hard.

I never thought that I should give up on people. I never wanted to have only people who were doing well in my life and I never avoided those broken ones because, let’s face it, we’re all a little broken. And it was in my nature to always be a girl who wanted to ‘fix’ people.

And I wanted to fix this broken man so much that my desire left me speechless, but it also gave me the strength to hold on when times got tough.

So, when they told me to let go, I didn’t. When they said that it would be better to take care of myself and be careful, I didn’t listen.

I went all in and I decided I was going to be the one to show him that there are good women out there, different to the one who broke him. That there are people who won’t just use him, but that there is someone who’s more than happy to be there for him without any hidden goals.

My approach surprised him. When nobody was there for him, I decided to be. When nobody decided to love him, I went with my heart all in.

I wanted not only to show him with words, but I also wanted to show him he could count on me.

Once he even asked me why I was bothering when he was sure I wouldn’t make a difference. He had already made up his mind about not letting any woman near his heart. But I wouldn’t listen. I smiled and trusted my gut.

I’m Sorry, But My Broken Man Was Worth Fighting For

I didn’t just sneak in, I went in through the front door. I told him I was gonna win his heart and I did.

See, getting near him and getting to know him was the easy part. But making him let me in was not so easy.

It was pretty challenging for me, too. Because it was a battle I had never before had in my life.

When he saw that he might have feelings for me, he decided to push me away. And he pushed me away, or I mean at least he tried.

It was easier for him, as it would be for many people, to just give up.

But I wasn’t gonna give in that easy. I warned him that I was stubborn to the bone. I knew he’d eventually let me in. And he did.

The truth is, anyone could’ve been in my shoes. Any other girl could have made this amazing guy fall for her. But none of them was willing to give it a try.

None of them wanted to make an actual effort. It’s way easier to wait for the perfect guy and do nothing. But I wasn’t gonna do that.

I wasn’t gonna just sit tight. I wanted to start walking toward him as I did. And it was so worth it.

When I started noticing his affection and his caring ways and when he ultimately said he loved me, I realized two things:

1) Everyone crafts their own path of love

No matter what others tell you, no matter how much they warn you it may be in vain, if you decide it’s worth it and if you go for it, everything else fades away. When you decide impossible is an option, love happens.

2) If you’re not gonna fight for love, you will not be worthy to receive it

Not every love is easy. Sometimes love requires your effort before it appears at your door. Sometimes you have to fight and work hard in order to get the love you deserve.

And you mustn’t give up when it gets tough because when things get tough, you know you’re on a good road.

I didn’t give up, I fought others, I fought him and his walls and I eventually made it. I wasn’t gonna leave him broken because deep down I knew there was love waiting to come to the surface.

I believed in magic, in my path and God rewarded me with love.

To all who told me to give up, I’m sorry but I was not born to follow your path. I like where mine is taking me.