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This Is What Being an Introvert REALLY Is, Because It’s Not Just Being Shy

This Is What Being an Introvert REALLY Is, Because It’s Not Just Being Shy

There is this idea that introverted people are shy and we’re often perceived as weirdos or mistakes of God’s creation.

When you ask people what would they rather be, their answer is almost never “an introvert”. Generally, I think people are afraid of being introverts only because they have the wrong image of what an introvert is, actually.

Google defines ‘introvert’ as ‘a shy, reticent person’. Which is, in my opinion, completely wrong. Another definition is given by Urban Dictionary and it says that introverts are opposite of extroverts. A person who is energized by spending time alone. It’s a bit more convenient.

Just because I don’t fit in your box of how a human being or a person should behave, it doesn’t give you the permission to scold me in public. If you think you’re a better person by being a bigger extrovert or if you think you are funnier only if you mock me, I am sorry but you need to think twice about your values.

I’d rather be perceived as an outcast than as someone trying to fit in by bringing other people down.

I don’t enjoy big crowds of people nor can I stand small talk. I am perfectly fine and capable of leading a normal conversation when the topics concern my areas of interest. What that girl is wearing is none of my business, I don’t give a shit about the weather and please spare me of all other necessary info that just kills my brain cells.

I am not shy or antisocial, you’re just boring.

I can talk for hours, I can make you laugh and you can see I am among the funniest people in this world, but you only get to see this if I fancy you. Otherwise, you might never change to your opinion since I’ll never bother proving you wrong if I don’t like you.

I have a social life, thanks for asking. It might be as fun as yours—it’s just that I don’t bother sharing it publicly. I am not asking for anybody’s approval.

I enjoy recharging on my own and that doesn’t make me depressed. I am not depressed and there is nothing wrong with me.


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I’d rather disclose my feelings in my diary than discuss them with somebody because I don’t want to bug people with my problems.

I enjoy working on things that require my independence because I don’t feel like doing everybody’s work and then not getting any credit for it. It’s less energy-draining for me to do it on my own.

I like to learn by watching and then I like to try it on my own afterward, in the comfort of my own privacy. But I don’t have issues with asking you if there is something I haven’t understood. I am not an idiot; I just like to try things on my own.

I am very self-aware and there is nothing you can say to me about me that I already don’t know. You can’t buy me with fake compliments and you can hardly make me feel better about myself if I don’t see it for myself.

What the world consisting of a majority extroverts fails to understand is that introverts are very valuable people. We don’t like drama, fake people or wasting air talking just to say something.

We are pretty conscious regarding us, our friends, family or pretty much anything that’s surrounding us.

We can be way better friends that you can imagine just if you give us the chance, and if you make an effort you’ll be able to see how funny and easygoing we are.

Once you open your box, you’ll be happy to have introverts around you.

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