I know what you’re going through. I know because I’ve been there. Somewhere, somehow, life slipped away from your hands.

It outran you.

No matter how hard you tried to win the race, life was always two steps ahead of you. Everything began to be too busy and overwhelming, and you lost yourself somewhere in the middle of that fuss.

You began to feel confused and sad for no reason. Life was moving on and you stood still, helpless to do anything to turn back time to when you were happy.

The light that made your life worth living was suddenly out.

You don’t have the strength to get up in the morning. You’ve got no motivation to do anything.

You are stuck in an endless circle struggling to find a loophole that will get you out, but there isn’t any. At least, you can’t find it.

You even started avoiding your friends because you want to spare them your moodiness. Even though you struggle to keep those toxic emotions inside you, it is clear, to the people surrounding you, that something is not right.

No matter how hard you try to hide it, it is there—eating you alive.

Listen to me!

Even though things are a bit off right now, you will find your true self again. It was never gone.

It’s just ‘misplaced’. You’ll get to the right track and you will finally catch up with life. You just have to be patient and you mustn’t give up!

I know it’s hard but I’ve been there and I survived—why shouldn’t you?

Relax. Do whatever you feel like. Don’t overthink stuff.

That is what is making you even more anxious than you already are. Stop fighting life and let it just take you wherever it pleases.

You are already unsatisfied with your life, so what can happen to make you feel even worse? Let me tell you—nothing. As soon as you realize that, your luck will begin to change.

 It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not but you probably know there is something higher and greater than us all. Something that has control over us.
Something that is meddling with our lives. Something that burdens us and something that makes us happy.
All that is for a reason.

Maybe you have to come to the heart of the storm just to begin to appreciate the warmth of the sun. Maybe all that is happening to you is one path that leads you to somewhere else—somewhere better.

And it is up to you whether you will stop and get lost or continue marching forward into the light.

You have to remember that nothing lasts forever. Think back and try to single out those moments when you were sad, depressed or simply run down.

Did you? What came up in your mind? Do you even remember the details?

You probably don’t because they are buried in the past. They lasted and were gone, but you are still here.

You came out a winner. You will make it this time, too. You just forgot how strong you are.      

Don’t worry, someday you will get back in your body.

You will reclaim the control over your life.

You will laugh.

You will be the person you once were.

In the end, we all do.