They say that strong mothers raise strong girls and this couldn’t be more true because strong mothers are our role models. They should be a true inspiration to each human being out there. They teach us how to live, but not only that, they teach us how to live right, how to defy all the norms and how to fight all the odds.

When you see a strong mother, you can bet that her daughter will be a proud woman who isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns. All that we are or we hope to be, we owe to our mothers and there are some things only girls who were raised by strong mothers know:

1. They know the value of independence

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. This is what strong mothers know quite well and that’s why they teach their daughters to think for themselves, speak for themselves and to stand up for themselves. You’ll easily recognize a strong girl in the crowd because she’ll be the one holding all the strings of her life in her hands.

2. They know how unconditional love feels

There are many forms of love that we’ll encounter in our lives, but none of them resembles the unconditional love we receive from our mothers. See, strong mothers know how important it is to give emotional support and love to your children and this is the easiest way to recognize daughters raised by strong mothers – they will not hold back their love; they’ll love and they’ll love unconditionally because that’s the only way they know.

3. They are taught to love themselves

The first thing a strong mother teaches her daughter is how to walk away from the things that don’t serve her, how to let go of toxicity. They teach them that their grades and other people’s opinions don’t define them and most importantly, they know that they need to fall in love with themselves first before they fall in love with anyone else.

4. They understand that you can be strong and soft at the same time

Strong mothers don’t turn their daughters into robots. They teach them that feelings are valuable and that being soft doesn’t mean being weak. That’s why most girls raised by strong mothers are as fierce and fearless as much as they’re emotional and soft.

5. It’s not easy being a woman

They know this too well because they’ve seen their mothers bent over backwards to have their voices heard, but also they are grateful for all the struggle because it just makes them stronger. They have had someone to show them that even though it’s not the easiest thing to be a woman, it’s definitely one of the best things that there is out there.

6. They were raised to never look back

Their mothers taught them to delete all the ‘what ifs’ from their minds. That’s why they only look forward and never regret the decisions made in the past. They know whichever path they chose was the best decision at the given moment. And it brought them exactly to where they needed to be.

7. They know they don’t need a man to be happy

This is something that is carved deep in their bones. Girls who were raised by strong mothers are aware of the strength a single woman has and therefore, they know that they can handle everything on their own. They’re aware that their happiness should never depend on anyone—let alone be put in a man’s hands.

8. They respect themselves

… and they let no one treat them with disrespect—not a coworker, not their partners, not even their friends. They’re aware of their worth and they know better than to waste their time on someone who doesn’t appreciate them. They give their best to people because that’s what their mothers taught them, but they also know when to respect themselves enough to walk away from people who don’t value them.

9. They’re taught to always fight one more time before they give up

It’s this never ending cycle of constantly trying until they get things done – that’s the biggest treasure their mothers taught them. One more time and one more time and then one more. Giving up is not something they’re familiar with.

10. They were taught how to be a good mother

Their biggest role models were women who raised them. From when they were little, they were taught what really matters in life and how to walk with their heads high. They were taught to never accept other people’s opinions of them, to never believe when others tell them something can’t be done and to always walk their own paths in life.