1. New beginning.

You get a chance to start fresh. The end of the year means you’ve closed yet another chapter of your life. Now, say hello to the new chapter of your life. Say hello to 2019.

2. Serenity.

Welcome calmness and peace into your life this year. Try to meditate or take long walks. Do whatever makes you relaxed and happy. Screw everyone and everything. Think about yourself because you’re currently your own priority. Keep it that way.

3. Happiness.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019

Life is too short to spend it in misery. Life shouldn’t be wasted on bad memories or sadness. And it’s up to you whether you’re going to let yourself feel sad or happy. Don’t waste your life and instead live it to the fullest. Welcome happiness in 2019, it will be a good year!

4. Self-love.

Loving yourself is not a selfish thing to do. Loving yourself means you respect yourself enough to make you feel like you matter. You make yourself a top priority, among the people you love. You treat yourself as you treat those you love. It makes your life happier and better. There is nothing wrong with that.

5. Smile.

Never stop smiling. Even when life hits you hard, keep on smiling. That is the only tool to fight depression with. When you stop smiling, you’ll know you’ve hit rock bottom. But, even then, find a ray of light and welcome it into your life. There is always something, no matter how small, that will draw a tiny smile on your face.

6. Feeling important.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019

You’re not stuck in a rut. Even the fact that you’re doing the same things every day doesn’t seem so bad. You have a purpose in this world. None of the things you know would be the same without you in it. Never forget that you matter as well.

7. Empathy.

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself but never ignore everyone else while doing so. Don’t just sit around and pretend you don’t see other people’s problems just because it’s easier that way. Always show empathy and help people who need it. Do it to make someone happy and let their happiness and gratitude be your reward.

8. Adventure.

For once, forget that you are a responsible adult and let loose. We all need it. We all need to put our guard down and just have fun. Do some crazy thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while and go crazy. No one has the right to stop or judge you. Blow off some steam and stop being so serious all the time. Nothing will fall apart if you get your mind off of it for a while.

9. Simplicity.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019

Cut out of your life everyone who makes your life complicated. Why live a complex life when you can go through it without any major cares. There will always be problems but you don’t need to make them even bigger than they already are.

10. Belief.

Everyone has shitty situations but when you believe that better days are about to come, it’s easier to pull yourself out of depression. When you have a positive attitude, everything is so much easier. Just believe in yourself because you can do anything.

11. Company.

Don’t isolate people from your life. You can’t go through life alone and even if you do, it’s a sad life to live. People need each other. Don’t push away the ones who want to be by your side.

12. Change.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019

Transform your world. You have a clean slate, use it and begin the next chapter of your life the way you want to. It’s never too late for change and remember change is always good.

13. New things.

Explore stuff you’ve never seen. Go and do anything that pops into your mind and don’t be afraid of trying something new. Maybe you’ll find a new passion in your life because you were bold enough to try it. Take a chance.

14. Sexuality.

Love yourself and love your body. Be the queen of your body and be proud of what you look like. You know what they say: It’s not important what you wear, it’s important how you wear it. If you are confident in your own skin, people are going to look at you the same way. You’re going to be irresistible.

15. Chastity.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019

Remember how innocent you were when you were a child? There wasn’t anything corrupt in you; you were honest and pure. Try to bring back at least one bit of that innocence you once had. True, adults can never be as pure as children but we can at least try to be the best we can.

16. Magic.

Start believing in wonders because wonders happen every day. Let things fascinate you and then explore them, learn everything about them. Let life amaze you every day.

17. Emotional cleaning.

By the end of the year, try to clean out all the bad thoughts from your head. You know you have a chance to start all over, so do it without being negative. Turn off the pessimism and enter the New Year completely pure and ready for what’s to come.

18. Harmony.

It’s easier to say you should achieve harmony than actually doing it. But aren’t you fed up with the emotional roller coaster your life has become? Don’t you want some peace and quiet or at least something good to follow when something bad happens?

19. The new you.

Say hello to the person you want to be. It’s out there within reach, you just have to decide to reach it. Use this spiritual cleaning by the end of the year and start this new one as a new person, as the person you always wanted to be. Now’s your chance.

19 Things To Welcome In 2019