A woman who values and respects herself has a whole new and different view on life. She has so many differences with the woman who has low self-value and self-confidence. For that same reason, because of these differences, women who value themselves have a special way of communicating with the world around them and showing the world how to respect, treat and love them.

1. A woman who values herself will never let a man treat her like crap

Obvious one, right? If you value yourself and if you know how you should be treated, why would you let anyone make you feel miserable? If you know how you want to be treated and loved why would you settle for anything less than that? There’s no need to pretend like he is going to change. Talking with him and making sure he understands what he’s losing is way more important.

2. A woman who values herself never questions her worth

She knows how much she’s worth and she won’t let anyone convince her otherwise. She knows that she is smart, beautiful and that there are people out there who will love her for exactly who she is. A woman that values herself knows that there are ups and downs in life, but none of those will let her question her own worth and make her believe that she isn’t worthy of something she’s passionate about.

3. A woman who values herself sets healthy boundaries

In life, it’s so important to have healthy boundaries and no one sets them as well as a woman who respects and values herself. She knows what she is willing and not willing to do and she acts accordingly. No one can pressure her into doing something she isn’t OK with and no one can guilt her into doing things just to obtain a relationship. She knows her boundaries and that makes her happy. There is nothing out there that can make her take down her walls if she doesn’t want to because she knows what she deserves.

4. A woman who values herself doesn’t have to show everyone her value

Women who are insecure and don’t respect themselves enough simply have this undeniable urge to let everyone know that they are special. For that same reason, they are also very loud and noisy for no real reason other than making sure that everyone knows they are in the room. But in the case of the woman who values herself, she doesn’t have to be loud for people to respect her. If she sees that someone is disrespecting her, she politely walks away. It’s not her fault they’re incapable of seeing how wonderful she is. You don’t have to be loud to be respected—a woman who values herself knows her own worth and that’s enough for her.

5. A woman who values herself knows that relationships don’t work out because someone better will come along

When a man doesn’t treat her well and she walks away, she might be heartbroken, but she knows that one day, someone will love her for exactly who she is. Someone will come around and they won’t question her worth. They won’t pressure her into doing things she’s not a fan of. This is so important to all the women out there who aren’t aware of the fact that they will be loved one day, no matter how their last relationship turned out.

6. A woman who values herself is OK with being single

Being single has so many good sides to it! A woman who values and respects herself knows that there is nothing wrong with being single. Now she has all the time she wants to dedicate to herself. She won’t rush into the next relationship because that doesn’t mean anything special to her. She just wants to be happy. If she’s going to be miserable with some man, she’d rather be alone and happy all by herself.

7. A woman who values herself is clear about her expectations

Whether it may be at work, in a friendship or a relationship, she is going to be clear about her expectations. What she wants and needs from a relationship and how she wants to be treated will be said at the first couple of weeks into the relationship. She doesn’t want someone who won’t appreciate her enough to meet her expectations. Those are not high and unreachable expectations, but just some boundaries and guidelines that will make her and her partner happy.