Dating can be really tricky. You can never know what to expect or how to feel about your potential partner and sometimes you even get to experience some awkward situations which make you question the whole point of dating.

After a few dates, we often get disappointed (if the person is not right for us) or we tend to set high expectations that will eventually lead to disappointment and in that situation, a goodbye is simply inevitable.

But what if you could enjoy dating without unnecessary complications? What if you could date yourself? As a matter of fact, you should consider dating yourself first before you start dating someone else and these 8 reasons will explain you why.

1. You need some alone time with yourself

We all need to spend some time alone in order to recharge from daily stress and a toxic environment. Spending quality time with yourself is of the utmost importance when it comes to future dating with others.

You need to understand yourself first in order to understand others and that will be achieved by spending some time alone and enjoying your own company.

2. You need to learn to love yourself

You need to build a relationship with yourself before you enter into a relationship with someone else. Surprise yourself. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful because you truly are.

Learn to love yourself like you would want others to love you. And you’ll get it. Once you fall in love with yourself, the world will start falling in love with you as well.

3. You get to choose the things you want to do

You are the one who decides where you will go and when you will go. You don’t need anyone’s approval or opinion on anything. If you feel like visiting the scariest places, you don’t need anyone’s confirmation as you would do were you dating someone else.

You get to choose to do whatever makes you happy and that is the true beauty of dating yourself. You never feel trapped because you feel free as a bird. You feel free to explore the beauty of the world we live in.

4. You get to treat yourself the way you deserve

No more sleepless nights or waiting for someone to show you appreciation for something you’ve done. You are the one who treats yourself the way you want, the way you deserve. And if you want to spoil yourself, you have every right to do so.

Dating yourself is all about feeling rejuvenated and getting in touch with yourself, your deepest fears and emotions. And once you get used to the amount of love you’re giving to yourself, you will expect the same from others.

5. You don’t have to wait for others to show up

No more waiting or calling only to hear some lame excuses. When you date yourself, the only person you wait for is you. And when you decide to go somewhere, you will respect the time you’ve set for yourself.

And when you start dating others, you will expect the same from them. You will not let them take your time for granted because you’ll know your worth and you’ll make sure to acknowledge it to them.

6. You get a life free of drama

What’s better than a life free of drama? Dating others can turn into a real nightmare and all of a sudden, you find yourself suffocating in the consequences of your bad decisions.

But when you date yourself, your life becomes so much more relaxing and stress-free. And once you get used to that feeling, you will never want to experience drama in your life ever again. And you’ll do anything to avoid it in future.

7. You know what makes you happy

Happiness comes within you. You’re the only one who can make you happy and that is why you need to start doing something about it. You will always buy yourself perfect gifts and you’ll always do inspiring and even crazy things that will increase the amount of your happiness.

And when you decide to date someone else, they will know what you bring to the table and if that doesn’t make them happy, you will not be afraid to eat alone. You will continue living your happy life no matter what happens.

8. The only person you have to impress is yourself

Dating yourself means you are the only person you need to impress. You dress to impress yourself, which means you can wear some crazy combo without fear of what others will think of you.

Impressing yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When you work on yourself and only do things that you feel comfortable with, you’re sending others the message that you’re not afraid to show them who you really are and if they don’t like it, they can just beat it.

8 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself First Before Dating Someone Else