We’re always surrounded by this idea that following our heart will lead us to suffering and that it’ll cause us much pain. People keep telling us that following our heart is putting ourself out there, so that everyone can take advantage of us and so on.

I have heard these comments all my life, about everything that I have ever done, because I have always followed my heart, even if it meant that people didn’t know how to keep it safe and that they would break it. People keep telling me that following my head is more important and that it’s the smart choice. If you use your head, you will come to realize that no one has the ability to hurt you anymore because you have locked your heart inside yourself and no one has access to it. Not even you.

If you are a woman who loves to follow her heart, because it feels right, then keep on reading. Here are some reminders for every time someone tells you that you’re naive for wearing your heart on your sleeve:

1. You are not weak

Having an open heart and following it unconditionally means that you are strong enough to know that people won’t always appreciate you, but that you’re also strong enough to keep on moving. You are stronger than a huge number of people who are afraid to show their emotions.

2. You are true to yourself

You don’t play around, you are the truest version of yourself. You are not afraid to show everyone who you are and also everything you do completely goes together with everything you believe in. You will never do something just because people expect it from you.

3. People won’t always agree with you

I think we’ve covered this one already, but I just wanted to mention it one more time. People won’t always agree with your lifestyle nor will they understand why you listen to your heart that much when you could get hurt very easily. Others won’t find your lifestyle as convenient as it is for you and that is totally fine.

4. You will get hurt

So, we’re not running away from the facts here. You will get hurt. Like everyone else. Just that, when you’re getting hurt, it’ll be much harder to comprehend because of your pure and loving nature. But this isn’t a reason for you to back down and start changing your way of thinking or feeling, but rather a way to get stronger and to keep on moving.

5. There is someone out there who will love you unconditionally

When we give ourselves away this much to people, we tend to think that there is no one who will love us for who we are or even try to understand us. But, most of all, we tend to think that no one can love the way we love. That’s not always the truth. There are men out there just waiting for a woman like you because they have been through a lot as well. He will want you and only you. There will be no one as precious to him as you are. So don’t lose hope, my dear. He will keep you and your heart safe.

6. You are an endangered species

You might have realized by now that there aren’t many women like you out there. We live in a world where being sweet and kind is like a curse, because of toxic people who surround us from day to day, making us forget our true values. That’s why we are so rare and we need to stick together to share the love and encourage other women to follow what they believe to be right and to listen to their hearts.

7. You will be happy

If you are not happy now, just know that you will be happy. Probably happier than a lot of other people out there. Just because you tend to follow your heart and everything you do in your life actually has meaning, it gives you motivation and energy. You know that you have always done the right thing, even if it backfired, but your chest feels easier, because your heart is in the right place.

8. Never forget to let go when your heart says so

We tend to forget that listening to our hearts also means to let go when it has had enough. This means that your heart knows its limits too and whatever you do, it doesn’t want to feel the pain and the suffering anymore. So it needs to leave this toxic environment that it has been stuck in for too long. Don’t ignore these feelings. You are not being selfish, you are simply giving yourself the permission to move on.

You are a wonderful creature who is so precious. Sometimes we need to hear these reminders just so we can keep going and so we can keep growing into the best version of ourself. It takes time to realize that we are more than people think of us, but that’s OK. Take as much time as you need and continue listening to your heart. Continue to follow your dreams and they will come true.