Your heart is broken and here you are. Crying. Thinking that you will forever be held captive by these feelings of guilt, disappointment and massive abandonment. I know that it hurts and that you might think of yourself as someone too vulnerable and too weak but believe meeven the strongest women out there had to heal their hearts.

Just take a moment and breathe. Take a moment for yourself where you will sit down and be alone with your broken heart for a while and be present with it. Know that you are here and you are fine. You will heal, just give yourself some time.

Can you imagine how many women go through that same pain every day? And they are being quiet just like you now, without any need to call out to the world for breaking them or to say that they have been abused, mistreated by men who they thought to be good people.

Being in an abusive relationship for years on end and never being able to escape it completely is very sad. It’s devastating to know that you have been touched by the dirty hands of a man who doesn’t know how to treat you right. But you are not alone!

When I cried, when I hugged my knees, begging God to make all this pain stop and show me just a moment of kindness and help me heal my heart, the only thing I wanted to know was if I was really alone in this world.

I wasn’t.

When you’re that lonely and that broken all you do is look for someone who understands. This is why I remembered all those women out there who went through the same pain I did. Oprah Winfrey? The woman who stood up from sexual assault and conquered the world with her empowering words. Wonder Woman? She got her heart broken as well! And all those other women, real or fiction, who have shown all of us how strong a woman’s heart truly is.

Whenever we break down, we stand up again and we rise to handle our lives with grace, never wanting to change our vulnerability because that is what makes us women. Our emotions and our care for others are what make us women and they are not things we should be ashamed of! We shouldn’t try to change ourselves and shut down our hearts just so we could fit society’s picture of perfection.

For that same reason, cry! Cry your heart out and scream at the world, tell them how you feel and don’t hold back. Tell them what they have done to you and make sure that the man who broke you knows that he will never have a clear conscience again.

Don’t smile in front of the world unless you’re ready to do so. By holding back your emotions and pretending that you’re doing fine, you are going to pile up everything inside you and it will feel like a burden! So don’t. Give yourself a break and you will truly be fine one day. There’s no rush.

Just like every other woman who got broken and abused, you will rise again and you will get better. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your heart will need time as well. But just like Rome, it’ll be mighty and conquer the whole world.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself because of who you are. Love yourself even though your hands are full of your own broken pieces and even though you don’t know if you’re ever going to fall in love with another human being. It’s not even necessary to think about that right now. Focus on loving yourself and your recovery.

You are not alone! Every strong woman who has ever suffered because of a man (and there are a lot of us) stands right with you in your battle. Don’t forget to fight for yourself because that is the best way to heal, the best way to get back on your feet and to look that bastard in his eyes so he can see that he has made you a warrior!