Yes. It’s time to stop putting everyone else’s needs before yours just because you want them to be happy. But what about you? Are you receiving what you’ve been giving this whole time?

It’s time to stop saying yes just because you’re afraid to say no.

If there was only yes, imagine what kind of a world we would be living in. It would mean that whatever someone asks you to do, the answer would always be yes. And people would use it and abuse it, just like they’re doing today to those who are letting them.

Don’t be afraid to say no because saying no means knowing your worth and knowing your boundaries. It means you don’t accept everything they give you. You accept only those things that are worthy of being accepted by you.

And you should never worry about what will happen when you finally say no. I assure you, great things will happen when you finally decide to say no to all of those things that bother you and to all of those people who deserve such treatment.

It’s time to stop choosing others who don’t bother choosing you.

You deserve to be chosen and fought for. It’s time to get rid of those who don’t believe this is true. And it’s time to stop choosing them.

It’s time to stop spending your days with too many ifs and buts because life’s too short to waste your time on someone who is simply not worth any of your seconds spent with them. It’s time to stop asking yourself if things will change if you do something differently this time.

Or if they will notice your efforts if you keep trying hard to be there for them even though you know they don’t deserve it. It’s time to tell them that you’re feeling awesome without them and if they are not ready to compromise, you will leave them because you don’t need them to be happy.

It’s time to take back control over your life.

Yes. It’s time to take back control over your life and get rid of all of those toxic people, manipulators, liars and bullshitters. It’s time to tell them that you choose to live a happy, carefree life instead of playing their foolish mind games.

It’s time to love yourself and be proud of yourself. You’ve got this far on your adventurous journey called life and you should be proud of it. Let the positive moments in your life be your fuel for future battles.

And never stop fighting until you have taken back control over your life. Don’t give up just because others are telling you that it is normal for something to be that way. No, it’s not. If something doesn’t make you happy, it means it needs changing.

It means it’s time for you to be the one who says: No! I refuse to dance to the tune of others. I’m perfectly capable of making my own music and dancing to it. And no one will tell me otherwise.

Repeat it again and again until it becomes deeply ingrained within your mind. Remember that you are your own master of happiness and you are not anyone’s property or puppet. Your happiness should be your number one priority always.

It’s time to believe in your dreams.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’. And it’s true. If you believe in your dreams and desires, you will never settle for anything less than that. It will be your navigator to true happiness.

And it’s time to believe that you deserve to be happy. You are a beautiful woman with amazing traits and you should believe that whatever you wish for, it can be achieved.

And it will be achieved. And on the journey to your future achievements, you will learn to say no to everyone who will try to stop you from getting to your final destination that is paved with true love and happiness.

It's Time To Stop Being A Yes Woman And Learn To Say No