One day, you will be the reason for someone to smile again. You will bring happiness to the life of a man who gave up on his life a long time ago. You will show up and tell him that there is so much more he needs to go through.

And by just talking to him, he will realize that he is missing all the important things in his life because he is preoccupied with thinking about problems he isn’t able to solve anyway. And he will smile like he used to, with all his energy and his power.

One day, you will be the reason for someone believing in himself again. You will remind him that he is so much more than he thinks and that the world wouldn’t be the same place if he wasn’t a part of it.

You will show him that he should value himself for all his accomplishments and that they all tell how capable he is of doing the big things. You will help him see that life is short and that if he doesn’t believe in himself, nobody else will.

One day, you will be the reason for someone to love again. You will show him that not everybody is the same and that if he has been hurt by one person, it doesn’t mean that he will be hurt by everyone else.

You will show him that love is the most beautiful feeling and that he shouldn’t miss anything of what life gives him. And because of you, he will believe in love again. Because of you, he will love as he has never loved before.

One day, you will be the reason for someone to stand up for themselves. You will come and show him that it has been a long time since he actually stood up and fought for himself. You will remind him what it feels like to actually get what he wants and that he shouldn’t settle for less.

You will be the one who will make him feel better by just saying one word. He will realize it all by just looking at your eyes. They will tell him all the truth—the one he knew a long time ago but ignored because it was easier to go with the flow. And because of you, he will change his outlook on life.

One day, you will make someone happy. With your smile, your positive energy, your enormous will to change the world to be a better place.

One day, someone will fall in love with your eyes, eyes in which there is a fire that lights up every time you feel love around your heart. Because without love you simply can’t live. And you can’t accept the ones who can’t love either.

One day, someone will fall in love with your wish to fight for the ones who can’t fight for themselves. He will fall in love with your kindness, your honesty, your positivity, your open mind, and what is most important, your beautiful and clean heart that only wants someone special in it.

One day, you will be the best thing that has ever happened to someone. You will be the reason he lives, breaths, walks, and talks. You will be everything to him, and he will keep you like the most precious thing he has.

Because that is what you are—a diamond that is so hard to find nowadays. A woman who lives for others and who cares about their well-being. A woman who is a warrior, who patiently waits for the good things to happen to her, and the one who never gives up.

One day, when the right one comes, you will realize why you couldn’t find love and happiness with anyone else. You will see that you were wasting your time with the wrong ones while the right one was in front of your nose all the time. And when you realize that, you will never let him go.

One day, you will stop seeking the right one. He will be next to you, and while you hold him tightly with your hands, you will tell him that there isn’t a place you would rather be than in his arms.

One day, you will feel the love you deserve, the one that feels like home.

One Day, You'll Be The Best Thing That Happened To Someone