Have you ever met a girl who has been through hell in the past? A girl who had her heart shattered into pieces and a girl who was one step away from complete spiritual destruction?

But when you see this girl now, she is anything but sad. Somehow, despite everything she’s been through, she still has the strength to wear her heart on her sleeve and it’s like nothing and nobody could take away the smile from her face. When you see this girl, she is anything but emotionally broken or destroyed.

And all you can wonder is how. How come she wasn’t affected by all the emotional pain she felt? How come she isn’t emotionally damaged? You wonder how she managed to heal her broken heart. How come she managed to leave the past in the past?

Well, let me reveal to you her secret. The truth is that she was brave enough to let go. Brave enough to forgive and to forget.

Let me tell you that she was strong enough not to allow her past to dictate her future. And that was the best decision she ever made.

This girl was strong enough to know when it was time to walk away and to move on. Strong enough to see when it was time to stop holding on to a toxic man who would never change. Strong enough to see that there was nothing left for her to hope for and strong enough to leave when there was nothing left to stay for.

She was strong enough to cut out all the wrong people from her life. Strong enough to free herself and to say that she’d had enough. Strong enough to choose her present and her future over her painful past.

This girl saw it in time that holding on to those things wouldn’t fix anything. She knows that she can’t change the things that she had no control of and that she can’t change the fact that she had her heart broken. She knows that she can’t go back in time and make some wiser decisions and different choices.

She is aware of the fact that constantly rewinding everything that went on won’t change a thing. Thinking about how things could or should have been won’t make them right. Digging through her emotional wounds won’t make them disappear. Instead, it will only make them deeper and more painful.

So, what is the point? What is the point of allowing your past to be a part of your future? What is the point of keeping yourself stuck in one place while the person who has done you harm moved on ages ago?

That is why she realized that the only thing she could do was accept everything that had happened to her. She could learn from her heartbreak and she could start seeing her emotional scars as a tough lesson, instead of crying over them.

The only choice this girl had was to hold on or to let go everything that was hurting her. She had the choice to allow the bitterness and the negativity to consume her completely. She had the choice to stay a prisoner of her pain and to let the past cage her soul for good.

Or she had the possibility of accepting the apologies she never got. She could find the strength in herself to forgive the man who had done her harm, even though she knew he didn’t deserve her forgiveness.

She could spend the rest of her life lamenting over her past or she could rise from the ashes of her emotional pain and break all ties with it.

Luckily for her, she did the latter. Luckily for her, she was strong enough not to allow the past to chain her, knowing that she was the only one who had the keys to a better tomorrow. Strong enough not to let her painful past define her and strong enough not to let it ruin her future.

Because this girl knows that amazing things await her. Because she believes in herself and knows how much she is capable of. And most importantly—because she knows that she is the only one who can make herself happy.

She Is Strong Enough Not To Let Her Past Ruin Her Future