People usually think that being highly sensitive is closely connected with being an empath and vice versa. Highly sensitive people and empaths are gifted people who are sensitive to energy, feelings and other things that stimulate their senses. They have the ability to experience the world in a whole different light.

It is true that they have a lot of similarities but they also have some differences as well. What is similar to both highly sensitive people and empaths is that they both need some time alone for themselves. They both get easily drained and that is why they need some time alone in order to recharge themselves.

They both share the urge to help others, which is truly a divine trait in a world full of injustice and greed. Also, they don’t like large groups of people because they are both sensitive to other people’s energy, yet on a different level. The biggest difference is that empaths experience everything on a much deeper level than highly sensitive people do.

Here are the 5 main differences between highly sensitive people and empaths.

1. They have different personality traits

Highly sensitive people are usually introverts, whereas empaths can be extroverts or introverts (or a combination of both). The reason why this is so lies in the core of their personality. Highly sensitive people are extremely sensitive to light, sounds and other things, which makes it harder for them to socialize with others.

On the contrary, empaths may vary when it comes to this. Empaths are not as sensitive as highly sensitive people because they have the ability to understand why something makes them feel the way it makes them feel. That is why they can adapt to different circumstances and function in different environments.

2. They have different reactions to energy

While highly sensitive people have the ability to feel the energy from other people, empaths have the ability to feel the energy and at the same time to absorb the energy from other people. This is the main distinction between the two.

Empaths are on a deeper level when it comes to dealing with energy. When they see someone in pain, they don’t just sympathize with that person, they absorb their energy and they have to digest it or find another way to deal with it. That is why empaths most often confuse other people’s energy with their own.

3. Empaths have stronger intuition and they are more spiritually oriented

Unlike highly sensitive people, empaths are more in touch with the universe and the spiritual world. They have a stronger intuition and the ability to read other people’s minds and feelings without even thinking about it because this is like a second nature to them.

Empaths are also more likely to experience a deep spiritual connection with their partner. And that is why they sometimes feel like they’ve known you for years even though the two of you have just met. A spiritual connection has the strength of a divine force that attracts you to another human being. It is an ultimate sign of love, mutual appreciation, respect and sacrifice.

4. Highly sensitive people have a lower threshold for stimulation

As already said, highly sensitive people are overly sensitive when it comes to light, sounds, smells and other specific elements of everyday life. Highly sensitive people find it difficult to focus themselves on a certain task when they are surrounded by others.

Sometimes even the sound of a clock ticking becomes a huge obstacle and it makes the person go crazy. They have to constantly fight their sensitive nature becomes most of the time it becomes unbearable. Different stimulations evoke different reactions and highly sensitive people need to learn how to cope with this in order to function efficiently.

5. Empaths have a higher level of empathy and compassion

Highly sensitive people also have the ability to be compassionate toward others but only to a certain degree. Empaths have a much bigger capacity for compassion and empathy toward other people. They are able to experience other people’s pain and go through the same.

Their compassion is more easily evoked and this is what makes them more prone to speak up concerning the weaknesses of others. They simply cannot help themselves but fight for justice and equality because they are constantly tested by their own emotions which sometimes feel like a roller coaster. They are on a divine mission to right wrongs and fight for the weak.

The 5 Main Differences Between Highly Sensitive People And Empaths