The bravest women are those who endure in silence. The strongest women feel the most, cry a lot and deal with things that no one even knows are bothering them. But the thing about them is they do it all in silence. They will never let you see their tears.

To any person, it may seem like everything is fine with these women, but that is only because they want to make it seem that way. They don’t go around telling everybody about their struggles and difficulties. They don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they won’t ask for a shoulder to cry on.

They will be their own anchor, and they won’t need you to help them up. No matter what they’re going through, they will never make you go through it with them. They are too proud and caring for that.

They hurt a lot. They cry their eyes out, and they struggle with a lot. All in the privacy of their home. They will never let anyone see it.

It’s a funny thing. Those with the biggest smiles on their faces are usually those that are fighting the biggest inner demons. And they do it all alone.

Their pillows are the only things that experience those tears and dark times. They have been through so much in life, and the only thing they know now is to keep their troubles to themselves because nobody was ever there to help them when they needed it.

They have been with too many undependable guys who bailed on them when they needed them the most, and they have been hurt too many times to ever let anyone see their vulnerable sides again. They will keep it all inside, bottle it up, and explode at home, alone, and learn to get over it. That is the only thing they know now.

Every single day, these women will put on a brave face, get themselves out of the house and make sure to look their best. They go to work, warmly greet their co-workers, and get on with their day as if everything is perfect. Nobody can ever tell what goes on inside their heads. They have learned to put on this mask that never comes off, until they come home.

There are so many things eating away at them, but they would rather keep it all bottled up than to let anyone see them break. They are too proud and too strong.

These women are silent warriors. They take on the burden of the world, and they will gladly help you with your struggles, while at the same time, breaking inside from things you won’t have any idea about. This is why you should always be kind and considerate. You never know when you’re talking to a woman of this caliber. She is too brave to let you see her pain, so never take anyone’s kindness for granted. You never know at what cost you’re getting it.

These women know they can go through anything and survive. The world has taught them that. They know they will always come out stronger and smarter.

Nobody will see though their smiles, but next time, stop and think. Try to see the subtle signs. We are all only human. And we can all endure so much.

A little kindness and an honest hug is all they need to feel better inside. The world has crushed them too many times, so they are careful not to let it happen again.

There are so many broken souls out there who choose to suffer in silence. Be nice, and be aware. If you know anyone like this, let them know they’re not alone. That’s all it takes. A little love and an open heart is what will help them in their daily struggles.

For anyone out there suffering in silence, thinking there is nobody out there who will understand, that doesn’t need to be the case. Try and open your heart to your nearest and dearest, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Let yourself feel your feelings, but don’t dwell on them. Learn from them, and let them go. That is the only way you can go forward and keep your mind and soul pure and intact.

The Bravest Women Fight Their Battles In Silence