Heartbreaks, unrequited love, losing a family member, losing yourself and losing hope all have one thing in common and that is being declared as the worst moments in our life. And they certainly are.

It is understandable that you cannot celebrate a worst moment but what you can do is look at it from a different perspective because, believe it or not, everything in life happens for a reason.

You cannot be happy about something bad that happens but you can be happy about it making you who you are today.

Every single tear, sigh and rapid heartbeat has become a part of you, who you are today. When you were crying, you certainly weren’t thinking about how this would affect you in the future. Everything feels like it is in slow motion, you lose your sense of purpose and you lose faith.

But what if someone told you that all of this you are going through now will make you a completely different person—stronger, bolder? I know you wouldn’t believe them and it is completely understandable to feel hopeless.

But if you look at yourself today, you can see tremendous changes and these changes have not come overnight. You’ve fought hard for them, you’ve bled and you’ve cried.

And all of these made you who you are.

You no longer believe everything people say to you because you’ve experienced the disrespect of being lied to.

You no longer shed tears for everyone because you’ve learned that some people are simply not worth it.

You no longer seek true love from everyone because you know that it is an expensive gift and you don’t expect it from cheap people.

You no longer waste time on shitty people because you’ve learned that life’s too short to waste it on fake promises.

You’ve changed.

Everything bad that happened in your past has made who you are today. You are not the same person that you used to be and you’re not meant to be.

You were born to fall, rise, learn from your mistakes and evolve. You were born with the strength to convert everything bad that happens to you into a positive. And you need to believe that it is true.

If you didn’t experience pain, you would not know the difference between streaming tears and smiling. And most importantly, you would not know the real value of it.

When you don’t know the difficulties of being in pain, you take your smile for granted.

And when you don’t know the beauty of smiling, you will never be able to live your life fully, the way you deserve. You will never be able to evolve and to become the best version of yourself.

I know it sounds strange but be thankful for everything bad that has happened to you because it happened for a reason. Life is all about giving and receiving and if you’re not ready to give, you will not be ready to receive.

Sometimes we need to give up on our dreams only to realize that something better, greater, has been waiting for us this whole time. By giving us difficult tasks and challenges, life has been preparing us to receive greatness.

And in order to receive, we must learn to be grateful.

The worst moments in our life teach us to be grateful for everything we have today. They teach us to appreciate the little things that surround us.

And these things are what bring us happiness. You would never improve or be happy if you hadn’t experienced sadness because you would not know the distinction between the two.

The worst moments in our life make us who we are. Flawed, fragile humans with our big hearts, waiting to discover the beauty of unconditional love.

The Worst Moments In Our Life Make Us Who We Are