Have you ever been in a situation with someone, be that a close friend or a person you’re just getting to know, where talking to them made you feel like you were crazy?

If that is the case, consider the fact that you might have been dealing with a sociopath. They say things that make you see yourself differently, regardless of whether what they’re saying is true or not. What they say has a huge impact on your view of the world around you and ultimately yourself.

Sociopaths are masters of manipulation and deceit.

They have a way with words, where they make everything seem so believable, even when you know it’s not true. Their influence over a person is unparalleled.

Very little of what they say is actually truthful but they can make you believe anything, even if they’re literally making stuff up in the moment.

They feed on attention, are incapable of taking any sort of criticism and have zero consideration toward other people’s feelings.

If any of this hits home, the following statements sociopaths normally use to make you feel useless will help you decipher if you’re dealing with one yourself.

“You’re too sensitive.”

They can turn a self-confident person into one who is full of insecurities.

First they will compliment you and flatter you. Then they will ignore you for days on end.

Then, when they finally reach out again, they will test your boundaries by jokingly insulting you and giving you a hard time, until they see your reaction.

And when you do finally react, they will feed on it, and the circle is never-ending. They will turn you from a happy-go-lucky person into one who is filled with self-doubt.

“You’re acting crazy.”

When things start taking a turn for the worse in a relationship, they will belittle you and insult you, to make you feel worthless.

They will call you names and say you are jealous, crazy or unreasonable, so that they can lift themselves up by knocking you down and continuing their unhealthy pattern of behavior.

They will resort to anything to subtly make you the crazy one.

“You’re over-analyzing the situation.’

It’s true that we all sometimes tend to read too much into some things but sociopaths and narcissists will throw you over the edge on purpose, to make you feel like you’re overanalyzing something that you’re completely right about.

They will try to make you feel anxious and uneasy by pinpointing all the blame on you.

And if you fall for it, they know they’ve got you hooked.

“You need me.’’

Once you finally start realizing who you’re dealing with and call them out on their shit, they will do whatever they can to make you think like you can’t survive without them.

They know that they’re losing control over you and that just does not work for them, so they will manipulate you into staying by making you feel useless on your own.

They will hook you with no intention of letting go, because they feed on your insecurities and vulnerability.

“You misunderstood what I was trying to say.’’

Misunderstandings are a common thing in relationships but sociopaths will go even further and resort to gaslighting.

Gaslighting refers to doing something deliberately to cause a negative reaction from you and then when you do in fact react as they hoped you would, they make you feel bad about it.

Kind of like making it seem as if you totally misunderstood what they were saying or that they didn’t even say that thing.

Don’t buy into that. Chances are you understood him perfectly and he’s just playing mind games with you in order to make you question your sound mind.

This Is What Sociopaths Say To Make You Feel Useless