Every year it’s the same routine. We put on our best dress, do our hair and make-up like we’re going to a ball, trek through snowy roads to our final destination and go into the night with the highest of hopes—and keeping our fingers crossed that our dreams and aspirations actually do come true this year.

We are adamant that this New Year’s celebration will be the best one yet and that we will chime in the midnight hour knowing that after today, it only gets better and brighter.

You go into it with your mindset “New Year – new me!’’ and your head is bursting with happiness and excitement as you toast to the best year yet with your closest friends, all the while spilling champagne all over each other and laughing because you’re too tipsy to care!

It’s the most exciting night of your life, and you’ll be damned if you’re going to let anyone ruin it! Because, this year, it really is going to be different.

As the days and weeks go by, you are firmly holding onto your decision, and you are walking through life with this inspiring mindset that will only grant you the best this year. It’s as if the champagne is some kind of mystical beverage that has turned you into a new person who is turning her life around one day at a time.

Only, things start going downhill from there. After only a month, your decisiveness is starting to waver, and your will to keep this spirited mindset is no longer at an all-time high.

You go to a bar, and you see your friends slowly giving up because the excitement has now washed out of their system, and reality has kicked in. They are on their third beer, a little disappointed with themselves, and disheartened at their lack of willpower to keep at least one New Year’s decision alive.

The thing with those resolutions is, they’re just not realistic. It’s not that you’re lazy or that you can’t bring yourself to do any of them. It’s just that you get so caught up in the New Year “high’’ that you make crazy resolutions which exceed your capabilities!

And then, by February, you end up defeated, disappointed and feeling like a failure. But you honestly shouldn’t. Making your life better shouldn’t be a resolution—it should be a constant effort on your part!

Why wait an entire year to start implementing changes that you crave in your life? You can start making an effort to better your way of life as soon as today. Make good choices. Don’t do things that make you miserable. Don’t associate with people who are energy vampires. Only partake in things that bring you joy!

It’s as simple as that! You do not need an excuse to make a change. You only end up setting the bar far too high and letting yourself down for absolutely no reason.

Just because the year resets overnight, that doesn’t mean you need to as well!

My advice is, approach this New Year with careful thought and reflection. Reevaluate your life right now, and think about what you would like to change. And then, take baby steps toward that goal. Just be realistic, and don’t shoot for the stars from the get-go.

Life is moving forward however you decide to live it. So just try to make the best out of every day, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s great to have dreams, aspirations and resolutions, as long as they are doable and realistic.

Spend that last night of 2018 surrounded by those whose company you love the most. Be grateful for having them by your side for another year, and work on maintaining those relationships.

Cherish every moment of health and happiness, and deal with obstacles as they come, never put anything off. Be kind to strangers, and respect those who value you. Make good decisions and take care of yourself.

When you are happy with yourself, everything else will fall into place. So ring in this New Year with realistic expectations and work on making them happen one step at a time. And just know, as long as your heart is in the right place, things will always work out.


You Don’t Have To Wait For The New Year To Turn Your Life Around