Most guys are scared of strong women. That is a proven fact. But they will never show their weakness by admitting that they are intimidated and afraid. Instead, they will try to drag you down to their level, so you can be equals.

It is without doubt: immature boys are frightened of brave women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. They simply can’t stand having a successful, badass woman next to them, simply because this type of woman makes them feel inferior. And instead of improving themselves and working on becoming the best possible version of themselves, they will do something completely different: they will try to make you feel guilty for your superiority.

Every time they feel endangered, they will do everything in their power to blame you for being the way you are. For being more powerful, for being independent and for not needing them. And that is exactly what bothers them the most—knowing that you don’t depend on them and that they can never control you.

Instead of admitting this, they will say that you require too much effort, and they will call you challenging, like that is a bad thing. And that is not far from the truth—you really cannot be tamed, and you do have a gipsy soul.

But that is who you are, and you should never apologize for daring to be being yourself. You should never be sorry for not fitting into someone’s made up norms and for not allowing anyone to mold you the way they want. You should never apologize for being “too much to handle”.

You should never be sorry for making your own decisions because you are the one who deals with their consequences. For not asking anyone for permission when it comes to your life choices.

For always having the courage to say and express how you feel. For laughing too loud when something is funny and for crying when you feel like it. For being angry or frustrated when something bothers you. For confronting the ones who have done you harm. For not being embarrassed of your emotions and vulnerabilities.

Don’t be sorry for being self-sufficient and for not needing anyone. For not feeling incomplete without a man by your side and for relying on no one else but yourself.

Don’t ever apologize for being fearless and courageous. For taking chances, for believing in yourself and for having faith in your abilities. For not backing out when they want you to and for being stronger than they are.

You shouldn’t feel bad when someone accuses you of being too picky and having high standards. Don’t feel guilty for having strong deal breakers and for not letting just anyone in your life and in your heart.

For not giving endless second chances and for not wasting your life patiently, waiting for some guy to come crawling back to you. For not waiting for anyone to change and for not justifying people who treat you like shit. For not making excuses for someone doing your harm and for not allowing anyone to keep on breaking your heart, after they’ve already done it.

Don’t apologize for not allowing anyone to destroy you. For always having the strength to get yourself back up after you fall and for picking the broken pieces of yourself every time they try to crush you.

You should never be sorry for putting yourself first, even when they call you ‘selfish’ for doing so. You should never regret loving yourself and appreciating yourself. Accepting yourself just the way you are and not changing for anyone’s sake.

And most importantly, don’t ever apologize for knowing what you deserve and not settling for anything less. For making the first moves. For leaving when you’ve had enough. For having the courage to cut off everyone who doesn’t treat you the way you should. For demanding respect, instead of waiting for it.

Don’t ever apologize for existing and for shining this bright. Please, don’t let anyone put you down, and don’t be sorry for the woman you’ve become because you’ve worked hard to be her.

The truth is that not every man will be able to accept you for who you are. But that is what is great about all of this. Because those who can’t handle you don’t deserve a place in your life anyway.

You Should Never Be Sorry For Being “Too Much To Handle“