After a longer period of time, we might start to question our relationship. We might think that our partner has started to lose interest in us or that the fire is no longer there. There are some signs that your relationship has actually gotten stronger and more wonderful over time, but you’re just not focusing on them. Because of that, I’m giving you a few little signs that your love hasn’t vanished and to help you see how blessed you actually are.

1. You speak your mind

You say whatever is on your mind and your partner supports you and he loves you for exactly who you are. He will never make you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter and he will gladly listen to everything you have to say.

2. You support each other

Instead of rolling his eyes at your ideas, he makes sure you know how much your dreams mean to him and he keeps on supporting you. If he can help, he’ll help you. He will give you advice and you will never have to second-guess him. And, of course, you do the same for him. You are there for each other, no matter what happens.

3. You trust your partner

You know, when we begin a new relationship, based on the previous ones we’ve been in we assume that he might cheat on us as well. But after some time has passed, you can see that there’s no need to question the loyalty of your partner. Your love goes far beyond that and neither of you would give up a life spending forever with each other for something as temporary as a one-night stand.

4. You have your own space

You sure remember the beginning of the relationship when you couldn’t spend an hour without your partner and that’s why you’re now questioning if everything is going well, because you don’t spend as much time together now. But, that’s exactly what love is all about. It’s knowing that you both deserve space and time on your own, that you’re not clingy and that he’s not jealous. It’s about knowing that you’re not constantly hanging onto him, but still feeling the same love and affection.

5. You make decisions together

You don’t make decisions on your own, instead you both consult each other and ask about opinions. If there’s something that includes both of you, you sit down and talk it through, finding the best possible solution. That’s what true love is.

6. You still treat each other with kindness

No one is as important as your partner. Even today, you two treat each other with care and appreciation. Whenever your partner needs something, you’re there for him, because you know he’d do the same thing for you.

7. You are more intimate

Intimacy is something that builds itself after time. And, no, sorry, I’m not talking about sex. Of course, sex IS an important part of the relationship, but there are so many more ways you can be intimate with your partner. I’m talking about friendship, bonding and familiarity. You feel more connected with each other—in and out of bed.

8. You know how to let things go

When we’ve been single for a while, we start developing this mechanism that doesn’t allow us to move past arguments or anything that bothers us. When we start a new relationship, this turns into a habit. We can’t forgive our partner for this or that. But no, wait. Look at you two now. You’re still together and you are in love. You have learned to let go of all those little things that bothered you. That doesn’t mean that you settle for less, just that you have realized that your love is more important than some silly little fights.

9. You got amazing at finding balance

Balance is extremely important in relationships. It’s not always 50:50. Sometimes one person gives 80% and the other, 20%. If your partner had a long day and he just wants to eat and go to bed, you know that finding balance means to make him something for dinner and give him his time off. Next time it’ll be the other way around. Sometimes one of you gives more than the other, but that doesn’t mean that you’re unbalanced.

10. You disagree

At the beginning of the relationship, you might have been scared to fight or disagree with him, because your relationship was fragile. But now it’s so much stronger that it can endure anything. There is nothing that can break that strong bond you’ve created.