1. If you don’t set your expectations, they won’t be fulfilled

Men are unable to read your mind. If you don’t tell them what you want and what makes you happy, your expectations will hardly be fulfilled. Don’t act like they should have satellite navigation and a voice in their head that tells them what to do and how to behave in every single situation.

That way, you will protect yourself from being disappointed or expecting something that they don’t have a clue about. You owe it to yourself to clearly set your expectations and if they are not fulfilled, then you can be sure that you’re just wasting your time.

2. Most of the time, leaving is way more efficient than bitching

I know you want to tell them everything that is bothering you and even more but most of the time, bitching is not at all as effective as you might think it is. It will just stress you even more and they still won’t give a damn about what you’ve said to them. In that case, leaving is a much better option than bitching.

3. Having high standards is not something you should think twice about

In today’s dating world, having high standards and maintaining them is a necessity. You should never settle for anything less than you deserve and the sooner you realize it, the better.

When you’re picky about your potential daters and you don’t buy other people’s bullshit, they will certainly not take you for granted. They will see that you know what you want and if they don’t give it to you, you won’t give a damn about them and you’ll continue living your best life.

4. Once they have you, they will stop trying to win you

Men will be all nice in the beginning but once they see you’re starting to like them, they will minimize their efforts because they think their job there is done. Once they have you, they will stop trying to win you.

But if you keep pushing them to entertain you more and show them that you’re not that satisfied with what they’re bringing to the table, they will never stop pursuing you because they will see they need to triple their efforts.

5. The most attractive part of you is your heart

Your physical appearance will be the most attractive part to someone who is not interested in you as a person. But the most attractive part of you will always be your heart and only a real man will know it too.

And just as your body needs to be nourished and taken care of, the same thing applies to your heart. So, don’t waste your time with those who are okay with breaking the most valuable thing in your possession.

6. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean

Never just nod and listen to them preaching because that way you’ll seem like you don’t have your own opinions on things. Always say what you mean, even if it is something they won’t be happy to hear from you.

You were not born to just sit and listen. You were born to contradict, to express yourself and fight for your own beliefs. You were born to be who you really are.

7. Your ex is just another chapter in the book of your life lessons

Don’t bother too much about your past or your exes. Everything that happened before happened for a reason and you should believe it with all of your heart.

Every break-up has made you stronger and wiser. So, enjoy the present and leave your exes and past where they belong–in the book of your life lessons.

8. A man who is worthy of you will make an effort to prove that to you

Not every man will go out of his way to show you how special you are but a man who is worthy of you will make an effort to show to you and prove to you that he’s utterly, madly in love with you.

He will shower you with kisses and hugs instead of expensive gifts because his love is sincere and not superficial. A man who is worthy of you will know what he needs to do if he wants to win over your heart and not just your body.

9. Don’t ever think that you’re not worthy of love

No matter what happened in your past, never, ever think that you’re not worthy of love. Your past mistakes don’t determine who you are. You were, still are and will be worthy of love.

But you’re not worthy of just any kind of love. You’re worthy of a love that brings a smile to your face and makes your insecurities fade away. You’re worthy of a love that stays.

10. Love will happen when you least expect it

You cannot decide that you will fall in love with someone who is tall, has green eyes and black hair and is a hopeless romantic. You will fall in love with someone you’ve never even thought of falling in love with.

Love will happen when you least expect it and when it happens, enjoy it with all of your heart and body. Enjoy it because I’m sure as hell that you deserve it.

10 Things Every Woman Should Understand About Love