You are an alpha female—a bad-ass, lean, mean, almighty machine!

There aren’t things you are not capable of doing. You already got your shit together and you are aware of the fact that life is not all about wearing rose-coloured glasses. It is much more than that.

So, when some Beta women see you handling things, chances are big that they (like the rest of the people) will have some misconceptions about you.

Here is a list of the most annoying ones. I suggest you read further to find out once and for all what people actually think of you!

1. She is sarcastic because she is mean

Wrong! She is sarcastic because that is the way she communicates with people. Hurting them with her words is not her cup of tea. Also, she doesn’t need a partner to act like a stand-up comedian and if you are witty and intelligent enough to respond to her sarcasm, she will be amused.

2. She is a bitch and unabashed go-getter

The thing is she is not a bitch—she just has balls. People often confuse having a backbone for being a bitch. An alpha female will never do things that don’t make her happy, no matter how much she loves her partner.

That’s why she often has arguments with her loved one because she is someone he didn’t get used to. He had submissive women all the time and having a strong and independent woman next to him totally changes things.

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3. She is blunt because she loves drama

Believe it or not, an alpha female is blunt because she wants to avoid drama. Being a “drama queen” is not something she is interested in. She wants to handle things in a peaceful way, without having a need to throw things at her partner. By doing this, she shows that she is a mature woman who just wants the best for others.
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4. She has expensive taste

This is the most annoying misconception about an alpha female. The thing is that she is not all about living classy and with style. If she can afford a life like that, she will enjoy it but she will never be with a man just because of his money.

She would never do that because she is embarrassed to be a burden for someone. Instead, she sorts out her life in the best way, so she can feel completely happy and satisfied.

5. She is not sensitive

This is so wrong! The thing about an alpha female is that she is not so good at expressing her feelings. But that doesn’t mean she is not sensitive or emotional. She just handles things in a different way.

She has a hard exterior with a soft core. The catch is that sensitive core is hardly visible, so you may not be aware of the intimate moments an alpha female goes through.

And in the end, I just want to quote a sentence that describes all alpha females for me the best: “Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it!”

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