A broken man didn’t choose to be broken. Somewhere along the road, he met someone who he loved but who also hurt him. That person hurt him to the extent that his fragile heart got broken.

And when a man has a broken heart, it is very difficult to fix it. It takes a lot of time and affection to repair his heart and only a special woman can accomplish this.

So, if you have ever fallen for a broken man, you don’t need to worry that he won’t love you. He will, but this time it will be—differently.

1. He has low self-esteem

Just because he had a toxic relationship, he thinks that he is not worthy. He thinks that when you are broken you don’t deserve to be loved. That’s why he can pull away at the early stages of your relationship.

He thinks that he is not good enough for you and he will rather let you find another man instead of fight for you. This is the phase every broken man goes through in his love life, but if you go an extra mile, you can actually convince him that even if he is broken, he deserves your love.

2. He can be cold

You will sometimes see that your partner is getting colder when it comes to your romantic relationship. That is happening because he has some issue and he needs to solve it. Maybe those are just memories of his past, but maybe it is something about you that reminded him of his last relationship.

The best way to handle a situation like this is to actually sit and talk to him openly. Tell him that besides his lover, you are his best friend and that you want to help him. I am sure your man will start opening up to you step-by-step.

3. He can’t express his emotions

For an emotionally broken man, it is really difficult to express his emotions because if he does that, he will be fragile again. After being hurt so many times, he doesn’t want to open up about his feelings and he keeps them far away from people.

That’s why it is really difficult to develop a stable romantic relationship with a man like this. But if you really love him and you want him to be a part of your life, you will do everything in your power to help him recover.

And with the right woman, he will be the old man again.

4. He never talks about his problems

A man who doesn’t want to talk about his problems is definitely bottling up them inside, and it is just the matter of time until he will explode. The catch is that we can’t just keep quiet and pretend that life is beautiful because it isn’t.

But if you share your problems with your friends or your partner, chances are big that you will feel better. You will know that someone tried to help you by telling you something kind. So, it is better to share your problems with close people because you will make a deeper bond and you will feel much better. You will never know if you don’t try.

7 Ways An Emotionally Broken Man Loves Differently

5. He has very strong walls up

And we shouldn’t blame him for that. He is the man who has been hurt badly in his past and walls up are just a way to protect himself. That’s why it is sometimes very difficult for others to get through those walls and to actually see what is happening inside.

If your man feels bad in his own skin, let him heal and don’t push anything. Just let him know that you are there for him and that you would never betray him.

6. He has a twisted version of love

Please, bear in mind that a man like this was manipulated, criticized, gaslighted and abused both mentally and physically. So, this is the only kind of love he knows about. When you start telling him nice things and making an effort for him, there is a chance that he won’t trust your kind gestures.

He is extremely careful after his last relationship and he doesn’t want to be hurt again. A man like this is someone you will have to work hard with but when you see the beauty of his love, you will see he was worth the wait.

7. He can be affectionate if you give him some time

An emotionally broken man is someone who never says how he feels. He keeps those emotions deep inside of him and nobody except him knows about them. So, the last thing you should do is to push him to open up.

Give him time to share his feelings with you and to be affectionate. He can still do that but he just needs more time than other guys. If you make an effort and give him the space and time he needs, I am sure it will pay off eventually.