Having a broken heart is not an easy thing. Just imagine all your hopes and all your love vanish in the blink of an eye because of an asshole who didn’t give you the love you deserve. Yup, that’s the story of my life and it is probably the story of your life too, because you clicked on this article. What you need to know is that it wasn’t your fault so don’t let anyone convince you of the opposite, especially that douchebag in disguise who made your life a living hell.
When you get your heart broken, don’t worry because your story doesn’t end there. This is just a life lesson you had to learn to become even stronger. And as strong as you are, you can still love but this time you will love—differently!

1. Her past will be her best teacher

She knows how many scars and cracks she has on her fragile heart. She knows that something went bad and she doesn’t want to repeat history. So, you can expect her to be extra careful with every new man who comes into her life just because she has been burned before. Even if she will never love like she has loved before, she still wants to find love that lasts.

2. She can be overly suspicious

A woman who has been through a heartbreak can be suspicious regarding every new guy who comes into her life. It is not that she wants to act like that but her past makes her do so. So, whatever you do, don’t be too harsh on her and try to understand her. Remember, a burned child dreads the fire!

3. She is more likely to spot red flags

A girl like this knows the body language of a man who is hiding something. That’s why she will never make the same mistakes again. She is always extra careful and never lets any man ever lead her on. If she sees a red flag sign that something is wrong, she will immediately walk away.

4. She will take it slow

7 Ways Women Who Survived A Heartbreak Love Differently

She knows that in the last relationship, she went all in and she burned herself. So, this time she will be cautious and she will never try to speed things up. She has learned that it takes time for the real deal and she feels okay with it. So, unless you are ready to wait for her, you better not try anything.

5. She will leave you if she is unhappy

One toxic relationship was enough for her entire life. That’s why she won’t put up with anybody’s crap and she will leave as soon as she feels bad in a relationship. A woman like this knows how to love but most of all she loves herself and makes herself a priority.

6. Her love is worthy

A woman like this has so much to offer. Her love is the purest love that exists and she will give it to you unselfishly. So, don’t lead her on and give her the love she deserves. She can be your lover and your best friend and whenever you are down, she will be there to tell you that everything will be okay and that hope dies last. She is a woman to love.

7. She will survive on her own

She has learned that it is sometimes better to be alone than in bad company. That’s why she can survive on her own and go through life without any fear. A woman like this knows that relying on someone makes her more vulnerable and that is the last thing she needs in her life.