The minds of overthinkers are all but simple. There is a constant worry that people think something bad about us and that we are not good enough. That can drain a person a lot and all those people who feel this way know what I mean. We try to find meaning all around us and we overanalyze every single thing that has happened.

So I often catch myself asking why the heck that colleague from the university didn’t say, ‘Hi’ when she saw me last night. Or why that girl from the bank looked at me so strange the other day. There are so many small things that are not so important but every over-thinker will think about them.

On and on, until they find a solid meaning in what they were thinking about. But the catch is that they can never find any meaning in all those negative thoughts that bother them.

I know that dating an over-thinker is not a simple job to do, so if you have met one, here are some things that you need to pay attention to!

1. They are afraid of the unknown

People who overthink a lot are often scared to the death of trying something new.

They simply think differently to other people and something that is quite normal for you to try is something that gives them chills. But don’t be too harsh on them because they are giving the best of themselves.

They are constantly trying to fit into your world, so you should respect their wish for improving and help them to make it come true.

2. They ask a lot of questions

The fact is, their brain is like a machine, working at the incredible speed. So be prepared for a bunch of questions about all parts of your life. And try to be honest because every single over-thinker will know if you are lying.

And that is something they will never forgive you for.

3. They will always imagine the worst-case scenario

It is a part of them and they simply can’t shake the feeling. If things get bad, they will immediately think about the worst possible outcome. They simply don’t know how to relax and enjoy the small, fun things in life.

Assuming the worst is part of their life and they can’t fight themselves on this.

4. They get easily overwhelmed

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That’s why you need to give your partner some time and space to process information. They will be extremely happy because of the good things but their heart will break if something bad happens.

That’s why you need to be their support and tell them that things are not as bad as they think they are.

5. They need you to be honest

Over-thinking is already a big problem so you don’t want to send mixed signals to your partner.

The best thing is to speak clearly about everything. If you think your lady looks hot in that new dress, just tell her that, without a double meaning and without complicated sentences.

Over-thinkers will cherish your honesty and it will be easier to develop a stable relationship in that way. So the simpler, the better!

6. They need you to be positive

If you are dating an over-thinker, it will be very important to think and act positively in front of them. Your partner can overanalyze things and some of them can make them depressed.

It is up to you to be the one to make all those dark clouds go away with your positive thinking and attitude.

Show your partner that life can be beautiful if they just relax and stop sweating the small stuff.

7. They want you to take the initiative

Be prepared for the fact that your partner will be indecisive sometimes. That is the key moment when you need to get in all decisions about the important things regarding your relationship.

If you decide about where to go for dinner, you will save your partner from thinking for hours about the best place to have a meal.

Maybe for you, this decision will be simple but for them, it will be difficult. If you really love them, save them from over-thinking and make the first move, and they will know how to pay you back.

8. They will see right through you

Over-thinkers can easily see if someone is happy or sad. They can figure this out by someone’s body language and their facial expressions. That’s why they think about those people a lot.

If they see a man sitting alone at the bar, staring at his glass, an over-thinker will figure out that something is not right, so they will start fantasizing about the things that could have hurt that man.

And by doing that, they become unhappy too. And no matter how much they try, they can’t shake off that constant worry.