Life is a series of choices. When you are at a crossroads in your life, every single choice you make can make your life completely different.

Love is a matter of the heart but also a matter of choice. We should be able to choose in whose arms we place our hearts.

Sometimes you just know and sometimes you have to think long and hard about it. It’s not as easy as it may seem because choosing the right partner is one of the most defining choices and certainly one of the most difficult we will ever face.

The choice is so difficult because what we feel and what we know are sometimes two completely opposite things. We have to form a balance between our hearts and our minds. If either side prevails, it could make us choose wrongly.

That’s why you should…

Choose someone whose face lights up as you enter the room. Whose entire day is better just because you are present. He is the one who thinks the world of you. He can’t believe his luck. And his luck carries your name. He holds the key to your happiness.

Choose someone who will value you. Someone who appreciates you and accepts you just the way you are. Someone who recognizes that you are doing the same for him.

Choose someone who will choose you above anyone and everything else. Someone who will make you his first, last and only option. Someone who won’t make you question his fidelity. He will make sure you know you are his one and only.

Choose someone whose love is so real you can almost touch it. Somebody who is not afraid to show you his feelings. Somebody who doesn’t run from obligations and commitment. Somebody who doesn’t make you question his feelings.

Choose someone who will make you feel safe. Someone who will want to take care of you. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. He knows you are self-sufficient and that you can make it on your own. In spite of that, he will make sure you know you can lean on him and you can come to him with just about anything.

Choose someone who makes your insecurities fade away every time he is around. He will be the one who believes in you even when you are all out of faith yourself. He will be your greatest supporter. He will know that you are more than enough.

Choose someone who will push you when you don’t feel like going forward at all. Someone who will believe in you and make you reach your full potential. Someone who will be the wind beneath your wings who will make you fly and achieve greatness.

Choose someone who won’t be intimidated by your success. Someone who will be motivated by it. He will be the one who is proud of you. He will be someone who will motivate you.

Choose someone who celebrates your sunshiny days and stands by you through those stormy ones. He will be the one who will work on your relationship. He won’t flee when times get rough. He will do his best to put a smile on your face.

Choose someone who has all of the things mentioned and more. He will never try to change you, he will help you to discover the person you are. He is the one who will help you be the person you were supposed to be all along because he will see in you things you don’t even see yourself.