I know you are scared too, even though it’s not a manly thing to say so. But you are. Men get scared too.They get broken and damaged by past relationships just as much as women do.

Your ex made scars so deep and so permanent it’s almost impossible to heal them. But I am here to at least try. First, you have to realize I am not her. I am not your ex. I think you already know that but it’s worth repeating.

I won’t tell you, “You are flawless. My kind of man.” and then go and sleep with someone else. You are far from perfect and you have flaws and so do I. I think perfection is impossible to reach and slightly overrated. And in spite of your imperfections, I wouldn’t have you any other way. I wouldn’t change anything about you.

You are my kind of moron. Someone I can talk to for days about this and that. You are somebody I am never bored with. You are somebody I am drawn to. You are somebody who is mine. Those are just some of the reasons you should never doubt it’s only you.

I would never let anybody else warm my bed as long as we love one another. I can’t even picture it. Nothing can replace the way you look at me. The way your smell is intoxicating. The way your fingers get intertwined with mine. To be honest, I hope it will always be just you. The bottom line is as long as I want you, I don’t even have to worry about who wants me.

I understand you. I’ve been there. I know how much betrayal hurts. That’s why I have some consideration for your jealous outbursts. It’s nothing major, but I won’t tolerate them forever.

I am not here to pay for her sins. I am not the back-stabbing bitch she was. I have given you nothing less than honesty, love, and respect. I want you to trust me. I need you to trust me because I can’t imagine this going forward without trust.

I will give us time. I know it takes time to heal. Time for those scars to stop hurting. I just hope it doesn’t take you too long to realize everything. No matter how much I love you, I love myself the same. I will wait but I have my limits. I need things to change otherwise they will suffocate me.

It’s all up to you. You know where I stand. My heart is yours. You just have to keep it safe. It needs stability and safety. Learn to let go of all the doubts and insecurities you have in yourself and give this love a chance.

I won’t promise you we’ll have forever. I don’t know what can happen. I am praying you will overcome your fears. I know it’s not easy to hear but your fear could be the end of us. I can only tell you I love you like I never loved before. I can only hope we can last.

What I can do is promise I won’t be the same as she was. I can promise my heart is all yours if you will have it.