One day, he’ll be nothing more than a distant memory.

I know, cliches no longer interest you and you don’t buy that shit anymore, but what to do when it’s true. It always has been and it will always be. One day, he’ll be so insignificant. One day, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling ten pounds lighter, feeling happier. One day, he’ll no longer haunt you in your mind. One day, he’ll be just a mistake you once made.

You’ll congratulate yourself for the strength you’ve found to go on and leave him.

You’ve been strong when it was most needed from you. You’ve found courage when others would have sunk even lower and you took control over your life. Although it was hard for you, although you still loved him, you left and you’ll never regret that decision. You’ll forget he has ever been in your life. You’ll erase him because he deserved nothing better than that.

Love is not supposed to harm you.

It’s not supposed to be easy, either. Whatever situation comes along that involves feelings cannot be easy because your heart and emotions are at stake. But it shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t make your heart weep and your eyes tear. It shouldn’t hurt deep down in your gut. And while you were with him, you woke up every morning with a dull feeling in your stomach, with your whole body shaking. True love would never do that to you. That’s why you’ll never regret walking away from him.

You wanted to endure all that pain. You wanted to fight for him and what you had. You kept living in delusion that he would change, that he would open his eyes and walk up to you to apologize. But he only wanted trouble. He only wanted to fight and create more and more pain for you to endure. You were willing to sacrifice your life for a love that was never real.

You were never on the same page. He never felt like you felt and he never tried like you did. He never knew that every single next step he made was your potential heartbreak. His words were empty and his promises were faulty. Your relationship was too hard for him to maintain, so he gave up and let you fight for it alone. And that is a recipe for disaster.

After months and maybe years of hopeless trying, there comes a moment when you decide that you can’t take it anymore. There comes a moment when your disappointment and the pain you feel become greater than love. You know the risk of hurting without him will be even worse than the hurt you are feeling with him, but you can’t go on, so you leave. Maybe it’s when you look into his dull and empty eyes or when he hugs you just for your sake and not because he wants to. No matter when and how, you came to the point when you just have to leave. And you did.

This moment when you realized that you can’t be together is the most painful thing you’ve ever felt in your life, but it’s the most relieving thing at the same time. You’re feeling like shit because you had to walk away from him, but one day, although you may not believe it now, you won’t regret it, not even for a second. That day, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on. You’ll realize how much more of everything you deserve. You’ll bring your worth and respect back and you’ll bury that part of your life forever, never looking back on it.