Can’t you see that you were the one who dragged the two of you forward? You’re the only one who kept trying and you’re still the one who cares more.

Can’t you see he isn’t worthy of a place he has in your life or your heart? 

All those happy moments you two had together happened thanks to you. You’re the only reason that things made sense. You invested your time, mind and soul into the relationship and that’s the only reason the two of you made it that far.

He was never man enough to make a spot for you in his life. He never had the courage to commit completely to a woman.

He might’ve settled for a while, but he never meant to stay longer than it was convenient for him. He planned to pack his things and leave your life eventually and that’s what he did.

I know you were left broken when everything ended. I know that no matter what happened between the two of you, you honestly cared for him.

You loved him. You hoped that things would take a turn for the better. You hoped he was the one and that one day he would realize how worthy of his love and his attention you were.

Maybe you still feel everything you felt before. My dear, there is no shame in that.

The only person who should be ashamed is him. And if he had any humanity in him, he would. But this feeling is unknown to him.

You might have a hard time hearing this, but he isn’t worthy of your love. He isn’t a good guy, you just mistook him for one.

He isn’t one of the nice guys, he fits more in the profile of those guys your mother warned you about. He doesn’t see women as something sacred, he sees them only as objects.

He uses women to feel good about himself and once he gets what he needs, he moves on, just like he did with you. He drained your soul like a vampire and I know it doesn’t feel comfortable to hear this, but he moved on. He forgot about you.

See, regardless of how good you were to him, he can’t care about you. He’s just not that kind of a guy.

You might’ve had a few funny moments, you might’ve seen him being happy, he might’ve appeared to be in love or caring, but all that was in order to make you fall for him.

In order to make you trust him so he could do whatever he wanted, once he had you in love with him. It’s not your fault, he’s just so skilled in manipulating people.

He had plenty of others, that have fallen into his trap just like you did.

That’s what he does. He finds good girls, those who’ll treat him way better than he deserves and he makes them fall for him.

He appears to be caring, loving and whatnot, but the moment he has you in the place he wants you to be, he shows his true colors.

He Forgot You, Now It’s Your Turn

Using women and then leaving them is something he has no problem with. He leaves without ever looking back. To him, people are just chess pieces which he moves based on what he needs. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not your fault.

There is no way you could’ve known he was going to turn out to be like that. But don’t let him get the best of you either. Make a lesson out of the things he did to you.

The worst thing you could do now is to wish to have him back. He doesn’t deserve you and he never did.

He hasn’t changed. And nothing would be different if you got another chance. Don’t make the same mistake twice. I know toxic people can sneak up on you and make you addicted to their presence, but you’re way stronger than that.

All the bad things that happened to you, that’s on him, but what happens with you from now on, that’s your responsibility.

You owe it to yourself to take care of your heart and mind. You owe it to yourself to do well in life and you won’t do that if you keep him in your mind.

Now it’s your turn to show him and the rest of the world what you’re made of. Pick up your broken pieces and move on. He already did. Forget about him, because he doesn’t deserve to be remembered.

Don’t forget who he was and what he did to you, but forget about him and how you felt about him. Forget about all those ‘what ifs’ and forget about everything you might’ve been together.

Because he’s gone and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve to take your heart and mind with him.

Give yourself another chance, give your life another chance. Turn another page of your book, start another chapter of your life.

Start over, my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and welcome in it only those who deserve you.

Leave the past where it belongs. Turn your brokenness into a lesson. And don’t ever allow yourself to lose one minute of your sleep over someone who doesn’t deserve it. From now on, treat people the way they deserve.

The truth is, you deserve to be loved. You deserve to be valued, respected, appreciated and treated with the utmost respect.

You deserve someone who’s going to see how good you are and who’ll protect you instead of using you.

You deserve someone who won’t break you, someone who’ll accept you with all your cracks and who’ll love you either way. So stop holding on to the past.

Sometimes, the best revenge is to leave the past where it belongs and move on with your life. Sometimes the biggest triumph is to be happy despite being broken.

Your biggest victory will be exactly this. Forget him, because he doesn’t deserve to be remembered.

Sometimes we need to forget people from our past because of one simple reason, they just don’t belong in our future.