How many times have you come back home from a terrible date? And how many times have you told yourself that it’s time to give up dating? It’s hard to stay positive after you’ve been disappointed so many times. But you owe it to yourself not to give up.

Life is full of failures. Perhaps you failed an exam many times, but it never occurred you to drop school. Maybe you were doing your job wrong for a hundred days but, the next day you did it right. You never gave up. So why would you give up on love? You’ve been on a hundred bad dates, so what? Who says that your next date will be a failure? Maybe your next date will be with the love of your life and you’d blow him off just because you were annoyed by some jerk on your last date. So what? So what if you’ve been on a bad date? You’ve had so many bad days in your life and look at you—you’re still living through new ones. Just like you never gave up on life, you should never give up on love, either.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And it doesn’t matter when or how it’s going to happen. Our life without love would be very pointless. If we hadn’t had anything to love and to hope for, then what would our lives look like? You get up every day with a hope that this day will bring something new to your life and even if it doesn’t, you get up the next day with the same hope. That’s the attitude you need when you go on dates. You need to live with the hope that something good will happen but also without any resentment towards life if it doesn’t. It’s gonna be fine. It’s all gonna be the way it’s supposed to be. As long as you’re aware of it, you’ll be happy.

You cannot predict anything that’ll happen to you. Trying to find a perfect recipe for meeting ‘the one’ is not going to help you. Nothing is going to help you. It’ll happen when it’s meant for it to happen. One day you will wake up, get dressed, go out and bump into your Prince Charming. That’s how life happenswithout a plan. No matter how much you want something or if you feel like you need it, life always decides for you. The same rule applies to finding love. You will find it or it will find you when life decides it’s the right time. And when that happens, you’ll know it. You will know it with all your heart that love has arrived. And you will be as happy as you wanted to be.

But until it happens, you must live your life. Don’t just sit around and wait. Go out. Have fun. Do everything you want to do. Go on dates without any expectations, simply to enjoy yourself. And travel! Go travel wherever you feel like because your love might not be living in the same city as you. It could be that guy who comes to your favorite coffee shop every day. Or maybe your true love is the guy who’s going to a whole different coffee shopyou know, the one on the other side of our planet.

If you let yourself fall into a trap of pessimism, you’ll suffer much more than you’d expect. Don’t think your Prince Charming, your true love, is not somewhere out there. Be patient. His horse is not that fast. Thinking that he’s not even coming will destroy you. You will be so blinded that you won’t even recognize him when he shows up. And don’t ever compare your new relationship with any old ones. Yes, your ex-boyfriend wasn’t worthy of your time. Yes, he hurt you. But not all men are the same. If you’re not like any other woman you know in your life, then don’t assume that all men look alike. If you suspect that everyone will hurt you just because your ex did, you’ll only end up hurting yourself. Give the love you want to get and you will get it in return for sure. You will get the love you deserve and you will be the happiest woman alive. If you need to go through some shit before it happens, so be it. It’s not that big of a cost when you realize what you’re going to get in the end.