You figured it out all wrong. You think she is clingy. You think she is weak. You think she can’t live without you. But the only thing you didn’t see is how madly in love she is with you.

Don’t think that you will get away with all your lies and cheating just because she loves you. You know, you will lose her for that. You will lose her when you don’t expect it. One day, she will get fed up with all that you were serving in front of her for so many years.

She will get tired, you know. Because women like her love unconditionally, but they also know when it is time to leave. So, don’t take her kindness for weakness. Don’t take her for granted because she is not the only one who can fight for both of you.

She is strong but not that much. She isn’t strong enough to carry the burden of your relationship with all its pros and cons. That is not something you do to the woman you love. Or at least you say it.

Maybe she will fight with all her strength to keep you two alive. Maybe she will go the extra mile for you, and maybe she will totally neglect herself. But one day, when you least expect it, she will leave you.

She won’t leave you for the things you did but for the ones you didn’t do. And you promised you would. She will leave you because she will get tired of waiting for you to call her or to take her out for dinner.

She will do that because she won’t be able to sleep next to you anymore while you are dreaming about another woman and calling her name. She won’t be able to stand that you say you love her in one moment and yell at her, telling her that she is stupid the next.

She is good, but she is not stupid. And you were one lucky man for finding a woman like this to be part of your life. You were lucky because you hit the jackpot, but you didn’t see that.

You got something every man would be happy to have in his life, but you took her for granted. You missed seeing all the signs of her true love. You missed seeing that she was willing to do all for you. You thought that putting yourself first is normal, but it takes a lot of love to do that for someone. You failed in this one. And you failed hard.

You neglected her for such a long time. And she tried it all just so you could notice her. She did even the impossible things, so you would like her. She totally lost herself over someone who didn’t give a damn about her.

She was the only person you could count on when everyone else left you. She was the one who comforted you. The one who was always there to tell you that everything will pass and that things will be okay in the end. But you didn’t cherish that.

You thought you deserve that kind of treatment because you are special. But guess what? You are not close to someone special. You are just a man who takes but never gives anything in return. You are a coward for making her stay without any intention to love her and cherish her.

She doesn’t deserve a mediocre love. She deserves the real deal, and that is something you can’t give her. So cut the crap and be a man for once in your life.

You won’t be able to keep a woman like this for a long time in your life. One day she will wake up and realize that you are not the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She will see that leaving you will hurt less than staying with you and being unloved.

You know she is stronger than you think. And she will leave. I know she will. Because staying with you doesn’t make any sense. And she is slowly starting to realize that. I guess you are now realizing that this is your wake-up call. If you don’t do something about this, you will lose a good woman forever.

She will leave. She won’t stop loving you, but she also doesn’t want to put up with all the crap you are giving her. It is true that she is madly in love with you, but that doesn’t make her weak. That just means she was too strong for too long.

And if one day she leaves, don’t try to hold her back. If you ever loved her even a little bit, let her find her way. Let her be happy with someone else. Let her find true love because that is what she deserves. And nothing less than that.