Bundled up in the corner of your room, you’re hugging your knees and waiting for the moment in your life that will make you fall in love with yourself. You’re waiting for it constantly, thinking that a holy light will shine upon you and make you love yourself. Lift your head up, look around you and realize that there will never be that perfect moment. Take my hand, and let me tell you why.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not: you are beautiful. There is no right moment for that, you are always beautiful. I don’t know why you were waiting so long to look at yourself and see your own magnificence. So let us stand in front of the mirror and take a look at you.

First of all, you are a woman. A woman can never please the standards of men who are too busy seeing flaws in us than they are with improving themselves. You have a body that belongs to no one but you and it’s unique in its shape and form. Know that it is completely normal to age and have stretch marks and not have a thigh gap and it’s totally fine if you do have them. You belong to yourself. That’s the magic of who you are.

Your hair looks more and more perfect the more you make it fit you. You want pink hair? Dye your hair pink! It’s yours after all. You weren’t created to please men or women. And if you want it to be natural, show it off! There’s no one who can stop you, right? No one but yourself.

Now, stop for a minute and close your eyes. Feel the numbing feeling of your thoughts that are floating around your mind. The same thoughts that made you believe that you are not lovable and that you are not enough. Why are they so important to you when you know that they are nothing but your imagination playing games with you? You create scenarios and you build walls based on them and your past experiences. And what do you get? Self-doubt and pain.

You feel pain because you’ve been hurt before, am I right? You think that based on past experiences with toxic people who made you feel this way and who told you all those things you believe today, you’re never going to feel loved again. But, my dear, listen. All those people are gone and the only person you have in your life to hold on to and never truly let go is yourself. You are going to be by your side until the very last breath.

Stop and think about it. Why do you need their validation? Only you know your worth and can know all those wonderful things that are going on inside that soul. You want to help people and do good in this world, you want to show everyone that they were wrong, but you can’t do that until you love and appreciate yourself fully. You need to know that you are a kind-hearted human being who has so much to offer and so many miles to go until she reaches her goal. That’s what makes you… you.

You are the person who laughs loudly at memes in the middle of the night and the person who dances randomly to the radio in the morning. You are the same person who you go to bed with every night and the person you make breakfast for in the morning. You need to accept yourself.

I can sit here for hours telling you that you need to love yourself and you would still continue to settle for relationships that you don’t want to be in and be around negative people who take you for granted. At the end of the day, you’d still feel shitty about yourself, wouldn’t you?

My advice to you? Work on yourself. Get up and start working hard on your dreams! Show this miserable world that made you feel so unloved that you are more than capable of taking care of yourself and that you will conquer anything that stands in your way to success.

Write down all the things you’d want to improve about yourself and do some research. Toxic psychopaths are afraid of women who know their worth and can take care of themselves, because they know that this type of woman is too strong for them. You will never attract anything less than amazing if you start looking at yourself as an amazing woman.

When you see that you are enough and that you are appreciated by the people who truly love you, there is no end to your awesomeness. But firstly, love yourself. You deserve it. You deserve it more than anyone else.