We’ve all been there. After a broken heart comes a time when you should try to love someone new. Someone who treats us just the way we want to be treated. For a woman who’s been broken too many times and for too long, this is a whole new experience. The problem here is that you don’t know how to deal with that. How do you react to someone loving you, when that is something new?

You knew all along that that toxic guy wasn’t the right choice but that didn’t stop you from putting your heart and soul into every little piece of that relationship. Now? Now you’re drained. Your heart aches, your mind feels numb and you’ve lost the will to fight for someone else. But there comes a time when people fight for us. And you know what the best part of it is? They won’t let you mess up anything. They keep loving you no matter what.

You should know that those people are extremely rare and you have encountered one. He is now yours and he’s not going anywhere.

He sees beauty in the strangest of things and he doesn’t want flawless.

You’re broken. You know that. You’ve told him that and with millions of tantrums and also all those times you cried, you showed him that. Your panic attacks are becoming more and more usual. Just like they won’t ever stop.

And he is still by your side! Loving you and treating you just the way you deserve. He kisses your hand instead of your thigh and hugs you tightly; maybe he thinks that you will fall apart if he doesn’t?

But you have never experienced that before and you just don’t know what to do.

So, my dear little girl, let your broken be visible! You won’t do yourself or him a favor if you keep it all to yourself. To have someone who keeps their promises, no matter how your brokenness acts up, is something so special in your world, so show it!

Show it all! You don’t have enough hands to hold all your broken pieces so let them go; let him catch some of them, he might hold them forever. He doesn’t care that the gleam in your eyes is of leftover tears, he still says you’re beautiful.

Let your hands be free, let your eyes be full of love and laughter and let yourself be loved. You deserve it after all those times you thought that love didn’t exist. Can’t you feel that something burns in your chest? That burning desire to love? Love! Love fearlessly, fully. I know that it’s hard but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be left alone in the corner of a room, hugging your knees. No, my darling, he’s gonna be there in the corner with you. He will catch you when you fall in love with him.

He won’t ever let you go. Just be aware of that fire in your chest. The fire he lit up.

Let him see all of your shattered pieces and you won’t be alone ever again.