Let’s face it—at one point of our life, we’ve all thought about the love we want to experience. We’ve all dreamed about the person we want to spend our life with.

And we all thought about what this person should be like. The way they should look and the way they should behave.

But most of all, we’ve all thought of the way this person should treat us and the way they should make us feel.

Although deep down, you always knew that you could never find your Mr. Perfect and that you could never have a perfect love romance, that didn’t prevent you from thinking about it.

That didn’t prevent you from imagining how things should be and what your life next to this person should look like.

So when you think about it, you are pretty much sure that you know what kind of love you want in life.

And you are not ready to settle for less.

You choose to enjoy your single life and not to get overly attached to any man until you find a love which will be at least similar to the love you’ve always dreamed of having.

Don’t get me wrong—having strong deal-breakers and high standards is a great thing. And you should never even think of settling for less than you deserve.

But have you ever thought of the possibility that the love you think you want and the love you really need to make you happy are actually two different concepts?

That you don’t even know which things or people could make you happy if you don’t give them a chance?

That you are maybe not aware of the endless possibilities life has to offer because you are certain that your forever person has to fit some of your unrealistic standards?

That the love you need is actually completely opposite and different from the love you think you want for yourself?

That the man who will turn out to be your soulmate and your forever person is nowhere near the man you’ve always pictured yourself spending the rest of your life with?

Yes, most of us want the butterflies and the excitement. Most of us want someone who will wake up the passion inside of us we never knew we had.

And none of us wants an ordinary love. Instead, we want a fairy tale.

We want to experience something that nobody has ever experienced. We want a roller coaster of emotions and someone to make us feel alive.

But is this really what you need? Is this true love which will make you feel happy and is this a love which will last?

For your entire life, you’ve done your best to escape from guys who you think might bore you.

You’ve been running away from men who didn’t have the courage to be like you’ve imagined them to be.

And for most of the time, you’ve crossed all those shy guys off your list without ever giving them a chance.

Because they didn’t fit your standards. They didn’t fit the image of your Mr. Perfect.

And you were convinced that none of these guys could give you what you were looking for. But what if you were wrong all along?

What if you’ve wasted years putting your focus on what you think is all the right guys, while you’ve let the man who could really make you happy slip from your hands?

What if you were chasing your happiness in all the wrong places and with all the wrong men? Just because you thought they were right for you?

I am not advising you to lower your standards or to give chances to the guys you clearly don’t like.

And I am most definitely not telling you to put up with men who don’t deserve you.

What I am trying to tell you is that you should put an effort into widening your horizons.

What I am trying to tell you is to step out of your comfort zone.

To give yourself a chance to find your happiness somewhere else, where you’ve never thought of searching for it.