You always acted like you were happy to have me. I acted the same way, like there was no one like you in the whole wide world. You were my sunlight and my darkest cloud. It seemed my world was revolving around you and that would never change.

I don’t know why I was holding onto you so tightly, though you were really handsome and dreamy. The most gorgeous man I was ever with. You knew how to sweet-talk me into doing all you wanted.

And for a while, I was unconsciously under the impression that there was no other man like you.

I didn’t have a clue that you were just using my affections to your advantage. I never thought that my self-esteem was so low that I would allow you to do that. I guess I was so in love that I didn’t even realize what was happening. I wasn’t irreplaceable to you.

Two years into our relationship, you found somebody else. You wouldn’t have said anything if I hadn’t found out about you. You said you were in love, that she understood you in a way I never could.

OK, so you fell in love. But you should have had enough human decency to tell me about it. After all the time we spent together, I deserved at least that much.

Now, with everything out in the open, I finally saw the real you. You weren’t that gorgeous after all. I just made you perfect in my heart and mind.

When you realized you were wrong and that I was the one for you, you weren’t the one for me anymore. I can see clearly now, right through your shallow words and pathetic excuses. Your sweet-talk and heartbreaking words don’t work on me anymore.

You being with her was a message for me that said, ‘You are replaceable.’ There was no other way to interpret things. But the message I am giving you now is that, ‘You are replaceable, too.’ Even though there was a time I thought you weren’t, when you look at it, we all are replaceable.

You still don’t get that. You are still full of yourself. You still think you have the right to do what you want and I should be happy to have you. Think again!

I will replace you in a heartbeat, with somebody worthy of me. Somebody I can trust and depend on to guard my feelings and to not toss them in the trash like you did. Somebody better. There is always somebody better.

I will replace you with myself.  With a new and improved me. With somebody who will never look at a man like he is the brightest star in her galaxy. If he is that bright star, I am a bright star too – nothing less.

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I see you for who you are now – just as a lesson. A hard lesson that taught me to never look down on myself and to never think that somebody cannot be replaced. The only thing irreplaceable is the love I had for you. I think you know that now. But it’s too late. I will give my love to somebody else.

I will give my love to someone who will cherish me and the love I have for him, and they will give me their love in return.