If you have ever been in a painful situation where the person you deeply cared for couldn’t love you back, know that it was never your fault. Love is not something you can have control over. People love who they love, and unfortunately, there is no logic behind this.

Sometimes, it is difficult accepting the enormous pain that unrequited love brings. It is exasperating trying to figure out how or why this person that you want to share your soul and world with cannot return the sentiment you so openly offer them.

Life takes us all on our journeys towards whatever is meant for us, and when you stumble upon this type of love, know that it is not meant to hurt you. It is a test to see how strong you are in dealing with this painful situation, and realizing that it is not what God has in store for you right now.

Sometimes, you try like hell, and the other person doesn’t put any effort. You pour your heart and soul into this love affair, and the other person only offers bits and pieces.

You fight tooth and nail for a person who surrenders the second shit gets heavy. And that right there is why you owe it to yourself to stop falling in love with his potential, and accept the ugly truth – he is never going to be what you need.

As much as you try and wish for this thing to work, it’s just not going to. Not right now. When a person refuses to accept your efforts and the reality you long for, you can try all you want, but you are only prolonging your suffering.

Some people are unable to reach the potential they have and the one you see in them. And that’s okay. Everybody is on their path, and there is no room for judging.

At the end of the day, when somebody is unable to meet you halfway, you shouldn’t be pushing them to do so. When somebody is unable to return the love you feel for them, you cannot ask them to feel what isn’t there.

You need to understand that asking somebody to give you something that they are not ready to give yet is destroying you from the inside out. You keep hoping that some magic trick is going to make them fall head over heels for you and reach where you are… but it’s not going to happen.

The more you push, the more you engage in diminishing your self-worth.

Your heart is a sacred thing. You cannot keep sacrificing it for somebody who cannot appreciate the amount of love you have to offer. You cannot keep pouring your heart and soul into a person who is adamant not to receive it.

The smartest thing you can do is leave and accept this for what it is. You need to let this person grow as an individual, and hope that one day they’ll be able to catch up with you.

You need to let them reach their peak at their own pace. Pushing for them to get there when you need them to is selfish on your part, and I know that is not your intention.

I know how excruciating it is walking away from the person you cherish the most. But in order to give your relationship a shot, you need to let go, and let them grow. That is the only way they can ever give you all that you deserve.

Use this time by investing in yourself. Engage in some introspection, and see how you can deal with this in a way that contributes to your self-growth.

Find your passion, your zest for life. Find that thing that pushes you to break boundaries and achieve what seems impossible. Let yourself thrive.

And if this person is right for you, they will find you when they are capable of offering what you need. And not a second sooner.

In the meantime, open yourself up to a future that doesn’t break your spirit and crush your dreams. A future that holds hope and faith that whatever is meant for you will find you, and what isn’t, doesn’t belong in your life.

Build yourself up, and realize that you deserve a heart that knows how to take care of yours.