You stormed into my life and left me breathless and motionless. Before you, love at first sight was just a fairytale that lucky people get to tell. But boy, you were something. Loving you was like living a cliché. I fell in love, prayed for you to notice me and thanked any living God out there that you did. Loving you was as easy as breathing—what’s there not to love?

But honey, getting over you is like climbing a thousand mountain tops every single day. Getting out of bed only to see you everywhere. There is no thing that’s not reminding me of you. My sheets, my kitchen, the staircase of my building.

I never knew I was capable of hating a set of stairs, but here I am. Hating each and every one of them. You took me by the hand on the first one, put my hair behind the ear on the second and kissed me on the third. What’s there not to hate?

I can see you in every café, at movies and on my couch. There is no way of me seeing Game of Thrones ever again without thinking of you, or hearing another Ed Sheeran song. But here I am, facing all of my memories in the hope of you fading away from them. I go to all of our favorite places, watch all of our favorite movies and you are still here. It’s what you taught me, right? Face your fears, don’t run away from them.

How I hated you when you took me to a rollercoaster. I was happy living my life the old boring way. But damn you—you made it look so easy. You made loving you and me easy. It’s not supposed to be easy, but it was. You were like pure energy—always on the move, always shining brightly. There was no way of being sad when you were around. Putting a smile on my face was something you did with ease. And you took it off the same way.


Sad girl leaning her head on her hand


I can’t pretend that I understand why you left. I don’t, and I don’t think I ever will. You see, when you love someone, you fight for them. You said that it’s not the right time, that you never meant to fall so deeply in love. Neither did I. But I was ready to make sacrifices because making them for you felt like the right thing to do.

What made you think that I will not stand by your side while you pursue your career? What made you think that I will get angry with you for following your dreams? You never gave me a chance to explain. You never gave me a chance to understand.

But I guess now I understand why hurricanes are named after people. They come into your life and take control over it in a second, and after they leave, there is nothing left but the ruins of your old self, scattered across the memories you shared together—scattered across all your favorite songs, all your favorite movies and all your favorite places. And you are left trying to survive every day with what’s left of you, hoping it never happens again.