1. Men, shave your faces.

I mean really, in a night of passionate kissing, I don’t want to look like I’ve been rubbing poison ivy on my face and pretty much wherever you’ve been kissing me.

2. Student/teacher.

You may think that you’ve tried everything and that you rock it. Well, sometimes it can get boring doing the same old thing over and over. The two of you should sit down and talk about your sex life.

Tell your partner what you want and like or what you want him to stop doing. After you have learned a thing or two from each other, get down and get dirty. This will most definitely spice things up.

3. Suitable lighting.

OK, not everyone in the room has to see you covered in bodily fluids or Vaseline. No one wants a light above their heads that doesn’t flatter you. Keep it discreet, so maybe a candle or two to give enough light that flatters you and your body.

4. Do not bite right at the beginning.

All those delicate parts of a woman’s body such as the nipples, the inner sides of thighs and the ‘ticklish’ parts are not meant to be bitten right away.

Start slowly with some kissing and licking and then when things get hot enough, cross over to mild biting—if she likes it, of course.

5. Do you wanna play a game?

It can be kinky, it can be harmless, and it depends on what you like. Maybe you should bring a deck of cards and play strip poker; that would be perfect foreplay. There will be so much sexual tension that will fire you up for the real thing. The winner gets a reward and the loser gets a punishment.

Believe me, the reward can be equally as pleasant as the punishment. The good thing is that you can ask your partner to do things which you usually wouldn’t have the courage to.

6. Don’t lie on top of her.

Imagine if your 200 pounds crush her 115. This sure isn’t a turn-on. How could I enjoy and feel the passion if the only thing I feel is my lungs slowly giving up? Have some mercy, please.

7. Dirty talk.

Warning! This should be done only if you know what you’re doing; otherwise, it gets uncomfortable. It is proven that people respond to spoken words automatically and the spoken word evokes emotions.

Imagine when someone tells you what are they going to do to you and you are already turned on. Of course, you’re going to picture it in your mind and your body will react instantly.

8. Use toys.

You should totally tell him to get a cock ring. Not only does it slow down his erection and makes him harder for longer, it also gives you nice and soft pleasure. They are not expensive and the fun is guaranteed.

9. Take care of your body hair.

If you expect to find a nicely groomed area down there, then give her the same pleasure. If she is going to do anything around your family jewels, please, keep it neat so she can actually find it.

10. No judging.

Start this night of passion without any expectations, like how big or not big it has to be. Try it and see how he manages with the thing that he’s got. Maybe you are in for a surprise.

11. North is not the only place you should settle in.

It is much warmer in the south, you know? We want you to go down on us as much as you do. Maybe there are only a few places where that is completely impossible and that we will understand. But, please, before trying to do anything, Google how it’s done, to save yourself any embarrassment.

12. Experiment.

It’s like you have every flavor and kind of coffee in front of you and you can drink as many as you like and try as many as you want, but no, you always stick to the same one. Sticking to something that is familiar doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Try other coffees—you won’t regret it.

13. Try a new place.

Use your imagination a bit. A dose of risk and excitement is exactly what you need to make sex even better. It’s that rush of adrenaline you get by risking getting caught or by doing it somewhere unusual.