Hey you!

I know how you feel right now. I know that you just want everything to finish and that you want to forget about him.

I can see how weak you are. I can see that sorrow in your eyes every time you hear your song. I can see how you look at every man who looks similar to him.

For a moment, you think that he entered the room and you are waiting for the moment when your eyes will meet.

But then you realize that the man you are looking at is not him and that you have hallucinations.

Then, you catch yourself thinking about him and about all those nasty things he did to you. You can’t control your emotions and even if it hurts, you are still thinking about him.

You keep asking yourself why he did all that to you. Why did he hurt you so bad when he said that he loved you?

sad woman sitting on the couch and thinking

Whatever you do, try not to think about these things because one question will bring you to another and you will feel even worse.

I know that he didn’t cherish you. You were always a high-value woman but he didn’t see that in time.

He took you for granted, thinking that he will never lose you. But your fragile heart couldn’t stand that pain anymore, so you just let him.

I know that you are struggling to get over him but trust me—that pain is nothing compared to the pain you would feel if you stayed with him.

Let’s face it—he is not the man of your dreams and he proved that to you so many times. He is not the man you want to be the father of your children.

He is not the man who would be with you in your bad times. He wouldn’t be your support and your safe harbor. He can’t do that. He doesn’t know how and that makes him a living failure.

young man sitting in chair and drinking coffee

Because a man without feelings is not someone you can normally live with.

That relationship was doomed from the first moment you met him. And he didn’t do anything to save you from his bad sides.

He didn’t even pretend at the beginning so you could fall in love with him. He showed himself in front of you as broken as he was, but he was proud of that.

Do you remember his words: “Take it or leave it.”

And you, blindly in love, decided to take him and to help him recover from all those bad things that happened to him. But the problem was that he was a man who didn’t want to be fixed.

He enjoyed your pain. He always played narcissistic mind games with you, but you never realized that.

You always thought that he is just hurting you to get your attention. You were always the one who was finding excuses for his crap but you did that because you loved him insanely.

sad woman with glasses sitting by the window

And now when it is all over, your heart still feels the same for him. That’s why I am here to tell you something: if you like your life and if you ever want to be happy again, I am telling you to forget about that asshole.

He is just a dick who hurt you and that is not something we do to the people we love.

Just think about it: Who is the one who is suffering at this moment? It is you, of course.

And he is probably drunk, making out with the first girl he met at the bar. So, stop wasting your time on a man who doesn’t deserve you.

He had his chance and he blew it. Now it is your turn to be happy. And it will be without him.

I know that the healing process will be long but that is something you need to go through and baby, you don’t need to do it alone.

Surround yourself with all those positive people who can make your day.

young woman comforting her friend

Go out and do things that make you happy. And every time you think of him and you feel down, just sing.

Don’t be sad because it hurt. Be happy because it happened—this was the most important life lesson that you will ever learn.

And please bear in mind that no fucking man can take away your beauty, your intelligence and your amazingness.

So, screw anyone who thinks that you are not enough or not worthy. Especially him.

Soon, you will won’t even react when you see his car driving next to your house. Soon, you won’t react when someone mentions him.

And soon, you will be the girl who will show to herself that she is a true fighter and that no matter what happens, it will just make her stronger. So, get up and fight like never before.

And for Christ’s sake—kick this heartache’s ass, once and for all!

An Open Letter To The Girl Struggling To Get Over Him