So many men out there are cheating on their wives and girlfriends on a daily basis. Somehow, every time you confront your man about that, he tends to find the most creative excuse, like: “Monogamy doesn’t exist anymore,” or, “Men need sex with other women so it doesn’t get boring.” Some of them even experienced child abuse and they find it comforting to see how much attention they can get from a woman to make them feel better. It’s just that we always get hurt! If your boyfriend ever cheated on you, you probably know how frustrating it is to think that you have lost your best friend and you simply keep asking yourself, “Why aren’t I good enough?” You are not the problem, believe me! If you were faithful to him, you have no reason to blame yourself for his own mistake. Even when you realize this, you still keep asking yourself about the reasons behind his cheating. The possibilities are endless, but here are some possible answers to your question:

1. Immaturity

If he doesn’t have experience in committed relationships, he might look at cheating as a casual act, without thinking about the consequences. He doesn’t think about your feelings because he has never been in a serious relationship to actually be aware of the fact that cheating on someone hurts.

2. Insecurities

Because of the huge amount of insecurities he has regarding his age, his looks, or his intelligence, he seeks validation from as many people as possible. Cheating is almost always linked to a certain insecurity. He wants attention to reassure him that he has the possibility to have whomever he wants, no matter the cost.

3. He doesn’t love you anymore

He might have been thinking about leaving you for a long time now, but he didn’t know how to do it. So he chose the worst way ever. It was easy for him, but it shattered you to pieces—he cheated on you. He stopped loving you and he couldn’t face you and tell you how he felt, but instead he chose to make his actions speak for themselves.

4. He needs a backup plan

Maybe he’s been wanting to break up your relationship, but not until he has found someone new. It’s just a way to find another partner for the future so he doesn’t end up alone.

5. Untameable impulse

Maybe he really didn’t want to cheat on you, he didn’t want to hurt you because you meant a lot to him. But he got drunk and there was an opportunity knocking. Without even thinking about it, he went for it. If this is the case, he’s probably suffering because of his mistake just as much as you are.

6. High sexual desire

This one is very common: he wants to have sex constantly and he wants you to be ready for him whenever he wants it. Of course you can’t meet his expectations when your desire for sex is not even close to his. You are calmer than he will ever be and your sex drive isn’t that high, so you refuse to have sex with him and he simply goes and finds another victim.

7. He’s simply bored

He wants to experience something new and he can’t do that with the same person constantly. Or at least that’s what he thinks. He wants an adventure and if the only way of getting it is cheating on you, then he will unapologetically go for it! It may also be the fact that you are not as open-minded about sex as he is, so he goes to find someone who wants the same pleasure he wants.

8. Revenge

If the motive for cheating is revenge, he wants to get caught! You must have hurt him in some kind of way, so he wants you to suffer as well. He won’t even try to hide it, so you will find out very easily and he will want to see you cry. Maybe you even cheated on him before and hurt him so he went out and found the perfect way for payback.

9. Childhood abuse

He might have gone through some kind of abuse when he was just a child and that left some strong wounds. This might be the reason for his commitment issues as he sees attachment as a way of getting hurt and he doesn’t want that. He’s simply having sex with other women to distract himself from the pain and unhealed wounds from his childhood.

10. You took him for granted

Most women think that men cheat on them because of the fact that they have found a younger and sexier woman to be with. But the truth is that we might be the problem for the way he has been behaving, if we have forgotten to give him affection. When you forget to give your man compliments, he might think you take him for granted, so he is going to find that attention in another woman.