If you thought that things can’t get worse than having a narcissist in your life, you are wrong. There is something worse than that and he is called a ‘narcissistic fuckboy’. Yup, you heard well. That is a match made in hell and unfortunately, they succeed in everything they want. If they want a woman, they will have her as soon as possible because of their extremely good verbal skills. But the bad thing is that they will drain the same woman to the point where she won’t be able to recognize herself anymore and then they will just leave her without remorse.

The catch is that they are quite similar and it is hard to distinguish who is a fuckboy and who is a narcissist. The general rule is that a narcissist is meaner than a fuckboy while a fuckboy often tells lies just to boost his ego and to look good in front of the people.

Since it is quite hard to see the difference between the two of them, here are some proven signs that your narcissist is disguised as an irresistible fuckboy.

1. He will behave like he loves himself

A narcissistic fuckboy is not something any man can do. You need to be born to do all the hard work you need, so you can make a false image about yourself. A man like that will fake that he loves himself but actually he doesn’t. He is broken and empty inside and nothing can make him happy. He feels the best when others praise him and when they stop doing that, he will sink to the bottom like there is no tomorrow.

2. He will take care of his looks

One thing that fuckboys like to do is show off in front of others with everything they have. So, you can catch your man going to the tanning room, whitening his teeth, going to the gym and capturing all of that on social media sites. Because if he doesn’t have reactions from people, it is like he didn’t do anything good for himself. He simply needs to hear other people praise him to feel better and that’s why he tries to improve himself in front of others all the time.

3. He will talk about himself non-stop

When you are engaged in a relationship with a man like this, he will talk about himself all the time. You won’t be able to say a word, and he will be the one who will make all the important decisions and who will never let you say your wishes. If you say something he doesn’t like, he will criticize you and probably tell you that you are not right which will lower your self-esteem.

4. He will make you feel guilty for all of your emotional reactions

If you tell him that he made you feel bad about something, he will just say that you are too sensitive and that you are overreacting. Even if he does some shitty job and you are working as a lawyer, he will behave like he knows more about the law than you. The catch is he can’t stand that you are above him and he will try to make you feel bad every time you talk about that.

5. He will break promises

A narcissistic fuckboy will often break promises and leave you waiting, and he won’t even call to tell you that he can’t manage what he promised. He thinks that everyone, including you, should respect his rules and that it is not a big deal if he doesn’t respect yours. He has his twisted idea of love and he will never give you what you actually crave in a relationship. He will let you down so many times that you won’t be able to trust him anymore.

6. He will try to handle all your fights with sex

A man like this knows that he is smokin’ hot and he knows that you fell for him because of that. So, whenever the two of you fight about something bad that he is guilty of, he will try to calm you down by seducing you and bringing you to bed. He will probably say some shit about not wanting to hurt you but that he couldn’t get over your reaction. So, in the end, he will make you guilty of all the bad that happened just to feel better about himself.

7. He will expect you to be the submissive one

No matter if we are talking about sex or just ordinary life, he will want you to be the submissive one. In that way, he will feel like he is above and controlling everything which is a giant boost to his ego. He will want you to make him more important than he makes you. And no, he won’t change just because you ask him to.

8. He will tend to be an alpha

This is something every narcissistic fuckboy will do to make himself feel superior. He will surround himself with people who have fewer accomplishments than himself and he will want them to kiss the ground he walks on. He actually doesn’t own any wit or intelligence but just because he is good-looking, rich, popular and charming, he will want people to respect and admire him.

9. He will always expect special treatment

And it is not only from you but from all the people he gets to meet. He expects everything to go his way without even thinking how it can affect people around him. He has zero empathy and he never thinks about the consequences of his words and actions. That’s why girls who fall in love with guys like this often end up in tears, wondering how they could ever give their hearts to cold-blooded beasts like that.

10. He will never give you credit for anything

If you do something really remarkable, he will never admit that you did a good thing. He will just say that it was okay and that there is so much you need to learn more about life from him. He will always put you down and he will never be truly happy about your accomplishments. He feels that way since he knows that he is not capable of doing amazing things like you and he wants you to feel bad just because you are more successful than him.