To be able to sustain a long and happy relationship, you have to learn to compromise and you have to trust your partner. Also, you have to be honest to him and he to you—honesty is one of the main keys to happiness.

The true key to happiness also lies in the two of you. You have to strive together towards a joint goal and you have to have each other’s back on your journey there.

If you think your relationship lacks happiness, don’t worry! Just keep on reading some of the key ways to improve your relationship up to the ‘PRO’ level and you are set to go.

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1. Listening to your partner

Most of the time we are so stuck in the fast and modern way of life that we forget about those basic human needs. The same happens when you are in a relationship. You know you love that person and you know he loves you back, but even then you somehow neglect him.

Maybe he wanted to share something with you—something that’s bugging him but you didn’t recognize his moment of need. All you had to do was to get on the ball and take a pause from your fast-moving life to listen to the person you love.

Listening is the key to healthy communication and thus, a happy relationship. How else are you supposed to know how your partner is feeling if you don’t listen to his problems?

2. Experiencing new things TOGETHER

No matter what you do—whether you skydive or go somewhere new for lunch, you have to keep on experiencing new things together. That is something that will bring you even closer together.

You are building your memories—stories that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Stories you will tell your children. All in all, you will have your own fun—and sadly, not so fun—experiences but all of them count.

3. Showing your love

Couple hugging in park


Sometimes it’s not enough to just say: “I love you”. Sometimes you have to show it. You should be creative in your ways of showing love to your partner. Show them that you care for them and that you can’t live without them.

There is no way anyone else would know what your partner needs better than you. So, bring out the big guns and impress your partner by showing him how much you love him.

4. Respecting them for who they are

The common mistake most people make is they try to change the person they have chosen and they have fallen in love with. Do not do that. Do not tangle with their minds. They are what they are and you have chosen to be with them.

Respect the fact they have interests of their own and they may have different views and approaches to life than you do. That’s where the compromise kicks in. Try hard to find a solution you are both happy with. And believe me—together you are stronger!

5. Stop trying to be right all the time

This goes along with stubbornness. I know that stubbornness is a personality trait and once you have it, you will hardly ever get rid of it. I get that—but when in a relationship, remember that you are dealing with someone you love.

In any given situation, when conflict arises, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try to imagine how he is feeling and what he is going through. I bet you won’t be that stubborn and you won’t be claiming you are right all the time.

Admit it, sometimes he is right and you are wrong. There is nothing wrong with that.

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