Most women have had a player at least once in their lives and they know what it feels like to be led by the guy who you thought was the right one. Instead of getting a man who would love you and fight for you, all you got was a jerk who used you only to get into your panties and never called again. The catch is that guys like this are very charming and they know how to seduce any woman. And all the other women who were led on didn’t think that that would ever happen to them. So, in case you were led on by a player and you are suffering right now, here are some bulletproof ways to get over him.

1. The no contact rule

If you want to get over a player, you shouldn’t contact him. Period. If you stay in any contact with him, you won’t be able to get over him so easily and he can use some tricks to win you back. And that is not something you want after you realized what kind of a person he is. So, don’t call him, don’t answer his calls or texts and avoid going to places where he goes. That is one of the ways you can get over him sooner than you thought.

2. Distract yourself

When you end a relationship with a player, it will be hard for you at the beginning and you will think only about him. You will think about the things that went wrong and ask yourself if he left you because you weren’t good enough. That’s why you should distract yourself by doing things that you didn’t do before. Enroll in a dance class, party with your friends or go camping. At least you won’t be alone and your friends will make you think less about him.

3. Cry as much as you can

I know that you will hate yourself for being so blind and not seeing him leading you on all this time but you are allowed to cry. Cry because you will make all the toxins get out of your body and you will feel much better. It is not a shame to admit to yourself that you are broken now, but you also need to know that you will soon be okay. He was just a tough lesson you had to learn and after him you will never let a man treat you like he did.

4. Give yourself time to heal

Getting over your toxic love is not that easy, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to recover. You are allowed to cry and to eat a ton of ice-cream. You are allowed to dance all night long and have fun like you never did before and you are allowed to feel happy again. So, do whatever makes you happy because that is what you deserve. Live day by day and stick to the no contact rule. I know sometimes you will have a crisis, but that is all normal. Just never let yourself accept him back because he will never change.

5. Forgive yourself

You will probably blame yourself because you didn’t see all those red flags that he might be a player. You will ask yourself how you couldn’t see that he was fooling you all the time and you live with those thoughts day by day. I just want you to know that by doing so, you won’t be any better. Now, after everything has finished, just forgive yourself and move on. You don’t deserve to spend your whole life blaming yourself for one wrong choice when there are a thousand right ones in front of you.

6. Move on

I know it is easy to say to move on, but once you feel that you don’t feel any pain for him, just move on. Forget that you made a mistake by choosing him. Forget about the time you spent with him and most of all, forget all about him. Don’t even allow yourself to think about him and focus on some positive things in your life. You need to know that it is better to move on than to hold onto something that was never real. You don’t deserve to lose sleep over a guy who is sleeping with other women, but you deserve to experience the love that feels like home.