All of this time, we’ve been bombarded with trust being the main ingredient of every healthy relationship. And it is true but only partially true.

You should never take your partner’s trust for granted and sell them lies that will make them feel miserable or utterly unhappy. But being honest in every situation is definitely not the key to ultimate happiness.

There are some white lies that you should consider telling your partner because it will take your relationship to another level and, most importantly, it will make it last.

1. Pretend that you’re interested in your partner’s preferences

He might be head over heels about football, basketball, or hockey or have some other hobbies that occupy him for a great amount of time during the week. I know it’s hard to deal with the fact that he would sometimes rather spend time with the TV than you but I’m sure you also have your priorities just like him.

So, even if you hate his new hobby or that TV series he can’t stop watching, do yourself a favor and pretend that you’re interested in it. It will save you your sanity and even if you did say that you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be changing a single thing.

2. Appreciate his efforts even if he doesn’t fulfill your expectations

Guys can be really sloppy when it comes to picking the perfect gift for your birthday, anniversary or some other occasion that requires special treatment. So, even if he’s bought you the most retarded gift in the history of gifts, don’t act like you’re disappointed.

If you do, it will make him sad because in his head this might be the best gift he’s ever given to someone. Appreciate whatever he gives you and thank him for that and maybe next time he’ll surprise you by giving you exactly what you wanted.

Also, if he’s not that good at cooking but he surprises you by preparing dinner for you, don’t immediately say to him that it’s not edible even if it’s not. Appreciate his efforts and say to him that you have some stomach problems or similar.

3. Tell him that he’s the hottest guy in the room or in the world

Not only women are insecure. Guys can be insecure as hell but they simply won’t show it to you. So, make sure to compliment him on a daily basis in order to boost his confidence.

Tell him that he is the hottest guy at the party (even though you probably know it’s a lie), as this will help him boost his ego and he will be thankful for that.

You see, sometimes we need to tell white lies in order to improve things and to be honest, one can never get enough of compliments or nice words that work as personality boosters.

4. Compliment his performance in bed

When it comes to sex, there are times when you’ll be forced to say something that is not quite the truth. For example, when you’re not that into action but he keeps persisting, it is okay to tell him that you have a headache or something.

Also, it is okay to say that he’s the greatest sex you’ve ever had (even if it’s a lie) because it will make him feel more confident in the future and it will probably boost his performance as well. So, it’s a win-win situation for both.

But if there are some serious problems regarding your sex life, don’t even think of pretending that everything’s all right. Instead, talk to him about it and try to find a proper solution for it.

5. Try hard to love his friends and family

I know how annoying it is when you’re expected to like every single member of his family, along with his friends. But as hard as it might seem, try to love them and give them a chance to meet them properly.

And if you still don’t like them, just pretend that you do because after all, you will not spend as much time with them as you’re spending with him. The worst thing that you could do is talk bad about to them to your partner because, believe me, this is a real recipe for a catastrophe.

6. Tell him that you’re not jealous of his hot colleague at work

Jealousy is a real issue when it comes to relationships and there will always be that one hot guy or girl who is somehow related to your partner. And if it comes to the situation where he asks you if it bothers you that he’s spending time with them, just tell him that you’re okay with it.

Think of it this way. If he was thinking of making you jealous or engaging in some suspicious activities with them, he would never have mentioned them in the first place.

So, stay patient and don’t make a fool out of yourself because once jealousy enters a relationship, it gets really hard to exterminate it.

6 Lies You SHOULD Be Telling In Relationships