When in love, it is very difficult to know if your partner is a bully or not. I bet you caught yourself multiple times forgiving him for his outbursts and moving on when you should have told him that behavior like that was unacceptable. But you know what? I don’t blame you because we are all like that.

We just keep quiet and wait to see how far our partner will go. And once he sees that he can do whatever he wants and that you will say nothing about that, he will just do more harm to you. So, if you suspect that your man is a bully but you are not quite sure about it, here are some red flag signs that he is a real bully. So, keep reading!

1. He acts superior

This is one of the most common signs of all bullies. They think they are more worthy than you and that you should obey everything they say. He might even tell you that he doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say because he thinks that you are boring. He just wants to satisfy all his needs and he doesn’t think about your feelings and your desires. And if you try to tell him that he is doing anything wrong, he will get mad at you. So, the best way to get rid of a man like this is to simply walk away.

2. He tries to intimidate you

He knows that you will stay with him if he convinces you that he is right and that you would be nothing without him. That’s why he will tell you that you are not enough or that you are not worthy and that you need him to complete you. A man like this just tries to make you stay because in the end he needs you and not the other way around. If you leave, he won’t be able to take care of himself properly so he uses any means necessary for you to stay.

3. He lacks empathy

If he is a bully, he will definitely lack empathy. He might show his feelings but he will do that when it is convenient for him. And when he shows you what he feels, it will just be a lie to get what he wants. This is one of the tactics all abusers use and once they get what they want, they continue bullying people again. If you see this sign, don’t let him do this to you anymore. If he is behaving like this now, he will be even worse in the future. So, pack your bags and leave him. Trust me, this decision will save you from tears.

4. He is envious of you

A man like this will show you his jealousy any time he can. He will be jealous of your friends, of your job and, ultimately, at you for being so successful. He doesn’t think about the fact that you have worked your ass off to get where you are now and that he didn’t do anything to help you on your path. Furthermore, he didn’t do anything to help himself either because he is probably doing some shitty job where he is underpaid. But you are not guilty of that and if he can’t understand that, then the two of you have nothing to talk about.

5. He verbally abuses you and the people around you

If you catch him calling you names when he doesn’t like something, it is a sign that he is a heavy abuser. This is his way to belittle you and to humiliate you in front of your friends. He thinks that you deserve this kind of treatment because you are luckier than he is. Also, if he is behaving like that to others, then he really has some serious issues. He is not satisfied with his own life and by bullying others he thinks that will help himself to feel better.

6. He accuses you of things you didn’t do

A man like this will accuse you of things you didn’t do just to start a fight. He will have some sick scenarios in his head about you doing things wrong and he will fight with you even if you didn’t do anything wrong. This is something many women put up with for a long time, thinking it is just a phase and that maybe their partner had a rough day but if it continues, it will be a really big problem afterward. I just hope you cherish yourself enough to kick him out of your life.

Christine Keller

I started writing just as a hobby, but in the end, I decided that it is something that fulfills me. I find inspiration in life’s everyday problems and every article that I write tells something about my past. In this way, I want to tell women all around the world that even though we are miles away, our pain makes us close. My articles were written to comfort those who need it the most and to tell them that they are not alone. I am a full-time mom, and I like spending time with my son, good people, sunny days and beer.